All-Inclusive Office Space Rentals in Ottawa

Fully furnished office space ottawa

As a small business looking for office spaces for rent in Ottawa, you need to ask yourself what you’re trying to accomplish and how the given office space meets those needs. Businesses function differently today. Small businesses in particular are constantly looking for ways to maximize the effectiveness of their services and operations in the most resourceful manner.

Innovative Professional Offices (IPO) offers a comprehensive office experience that goes further than just renting out real estate. We focus on the needs of our clients and are able to provide services that maintain their professionalism.

Business Support

As a business owner, you have a grand vision for your company. Within the scope of that, there are many practical tasks that need to be accomplished. For those tasks, IPO provides business support that can help your company get through those duties so you can better serve your clients. We offer fully furnished work stations with professional receptionists, printing and faxing capabilities, phone and web services, and a full support team to help with administrative and technical duties like research, taking meeting minutes, and helping with any web issues.

IT Support

Technology plays a significant role in most business operations today. The IT support team at IPO is ready to serve your technical needs and offers expertise in these areas to ensure that the IT component of your business is running smoothly.

We offer simple laptop and desktop setup and installation with a secure high-speed 100MB fibre-optic Internet connection. We also offer more advanced services, like web hosting and design, trusted security protection and fully managed firewall services, and audio and video conferencing capabilities.

Virtual Offices

In line with the changing, mobile workforce, IPO provides our clients with the option of a virtual office. So even without needing a physical office, we can still offer phone answering and mailing address services, web design and development, and high-tech communication equipment, so your small business can function as if you were physically in the office.

IPO has developed a completely comprehensive set of office renting services in Ottawa, whether with a physical or virtual location. Our team is ready to support all business, design, and technical needs to ensure your business operates at the standard you expect.

To get a first-hand look at our all-inclusive office space rentals in Ottawa, or to learn more about our office space rental services, contact us today.