Innovative Professional Offices Provides Fully Serviced Workspace Solutions in Ottawa and Mississauga

We don’t just work with you; we work for the success of your business.
With rental office locations in Ottawa and Mississauga, Innovative Professional Offices offers fully serviced office spaces, workspace solutions, from furnished offices suites to virtual solutions with the technology and administrative support to help your business thrive.

Starting a Counseling Practice: Choosing an Office Space

Starting a counseling practice is more common than ever thanks to the public’s growing health, legal, and personal concerns, so renting office spaces can help make setting up these businesses a lot easier. Counseling practices can be a very lucrative work for people in the medical field, as well as the legal field and other […]

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Are You a Small Business in Ottawa?

Our services are ideal for small businesses. We offer a professional setting that costs much less than traditional offices. You can rent a space for you alone, or you and your team (shared space) and have all the amenities we offer available to you- consider our office YOUR office- 24/7. You can also hold professional meetings, […]

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Why Renting Office Space is the Best Choice for Freelancers

It may not be the first thing that comes to mind for freelancers, but they can benefit greatly from using office space for rent in Ottawa. Traditionally, commercial space for lease in Ottawa would be used almost primarily by large companies and businesses. However, more and more freelancers are beginning to see the benefits of […]

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