Office Post Pandemic: In December 2019, COVID-19 started making its way around the globe. Since then, it managed to completely upend many common social and professional institutions and ways of life. The modern workplace setup that we had all become accustomed to over the years was arguably hit the hardest in an economical sense. As businesses scrambled to come up with feasible solutions to maintain their workforce while protecting the health and safety of their employees, it became abundantly clear that a post-lockdown return to the office was a little more complicated than anyone could have anticipated. Enter the work-from-home or remote work solution that many companies were forced to adopt in the meantime.

The pandemic is far from over in North America. But with the vast majority of adults of legal age either single or double-vaccinated, at this point it’s time to start exploring the possibility of returning to the office in the near future. Naturally, many employees are hesitant to do so on a full-time basis, but there are those who have had enough of the work-from-home lifestyle and are more than ready to take the first step. With that in mind, here are seven compelling reasons to return to the office in a post-pandemic world and how to do so safely.

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It’s Time to Get Used to the New Normal

Pandemics are a regular occurrence throughout human history, from the black plague to influenza, polio, SARS, and so on. Not to downplay the severity of COVID-19, but eventually there comes a time when the population reaches a certain point of vaccination and herd immunity that it makes it ultimately safer to go back to a somewhat normal form of existence. While some important and major adjustments will have to be made to protect the most vulnerable members of society, at some point, the transition into a new normal way of life is inevitable.

Working from Home Is Too Distracting

Between essentially homeschooling your kids, cats meowing, dogs barking, and having to spend an ungodly amount of time with your spouse (we’re kidding!), there are far too many distractions to deal with while working from home. Renting an office space in Ottawa or Mississauga is a great solution for eliminating all of these distractions. Office space rentals provide you with a professional and clean setting that’s specifically designed to facilitate your work ethic and promote productivity.

Better Work-Life Balance

One of the main aspects of the old normal way of life that office workers have been deprived of during the pandemic is a proper work-life balance. The boundaries between work and home have been blurred and even completely demolished as more people were forced to work from home in the wake of the pandemic. As office workers flock to return to fully furnished office spaces in Ottawa and Mississauga, there’s going to be a need to re-establish strong boundaries between their work lives and personal lives. Having a workspace to go to that’s completely separate from your home along with your daily commute back and forth are pivotal factors for creating those essential barriers.

More Efficient Workplace Communication and Productivity

Seeing employees in person on a daily or occasional basis improves communication and productivity. Working in an office setting allows you to communicate more openly and freely with your coworkers in a less formal fashion than emails, private messages, or scheduled video calls and meetings. Although you still have to maintain an air of professionalism in the office, it’s a lot easier to engage in lighthearted or work-related interactions with your colleagues in person than when working remotely. Believe it or not, these in-person interactions can actually strengthen your work relationships and make it easier to work with others.

Whether you need a quick answer to a question from a supervisor or coworkers or you need to collaborate with someone on a project, office rentals in Ottawa make the communication process a lot easier.

Returning to the Office Reinvigorates Your Work Culture

Long-term remote work has been proven to have a negative impact on the mental and physical state of your employees. Many office workers have reported feeling extremely isolated while strictly working from home due to the lack of interaction with their colleagues. As a result, the vast majority of them are actually looking forward to returning to the office every day or occasionally because they feel that it gives them a greater sense of purpose and the motivation to perform better at work. When employees feel empowered and motivated, this has the power to completely reinvigorate your work and business culture, producing more positive results as a whole.

Sustain Company Loyalty and Employee Retention Rates

Throughout the course of the pandemic, productivity rates of people that have been forced to work from home are on the decline. As the company or team leader, it’s your job to find new and exciting ways to keep your employees engaged in their work as much as possible. But this is a nearly impossible task when you’re never in the same room as them. Experts predict that it’ll be a lot easier to maintain strong company loyalty and positive retention rates when employees return to work.

Implement Hybrid Work Solutions

Some employees may still prefer to continue working from home either on a permanent or temporary basis even after the pandemic is over. Hybrid offices and work solutions are a burgeoning phenomena that have been in the works for a number of years and allow your employees to do just that.

It’s not just about reducing the risk of spreading germs. Over the course of the pandemic, many employees have been forced to adjust their way of life to the new normal. Snapping out of that at the drop of the hat can present them with undue stress and pressure, making their lives all the more difficult than necessary. There are a lot of cogs in the wheel that need to be adjusted and it makes sense to allow a transitional period for your employees to settle into their new work schedules. Hybrid work solutions are a great way to slowly ease your employees back into the office without all of that pressure.

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