All-Inclusive Office Space in Mississauga

All-Inclusive Office Space:

Innovative Professional Offices offers a one-stop shop for all your on-demand office space needs. We have a variety of fully furnished private and shared office spaces, including meeting rooms that can be used for conferences or training seminars and workshops, and virtual spaces that offer the same access to administrative services like booking appointments, scheduling meetings, and call forwarding.

Enjoy a Variety of Services with a Rental Office Space’s Business Support

At Innovative Professional Offices, we want to do more than just offer the physical space needed for your business. That’s why we offer a full range of services on top of our flexible office rental options:

  1. Receptionist and Administrative Services: We’ll have a professional receptionist direct your calls and refer to your business in the manner you prefer.
  2. Communication Services: In addition to standard call/answer and voicemail services, our value-added applications allow teleconferencing, call screening, click-to-dial calling, and much more. We also provide you with a fax number and fast colour printer as part of your package.
  3. Support System: You will have full access to our on-site team for any clerical and administrative duties. The savings potential is considerable just by allowing us to take care of these tasks at your request.
  4. Web Creation and Development: We have everything you need to get your web site started and maintained. From web design and hosting to implementing marketing and social media strategies, we can help ensure that your site is optimized and working at its best.

Innovative Professional Offices also provides you with the use of our reception and kitchen areas, as well as office supplies. You can tailor your office lease to give your business everything it needs to be successful at a fraction of the cost of fully leasing a space. The value is incredible and the quality of our services can become an asset to your company. Contact Innovative Professional Offices today!