Innovative Professional Offices (, one of the top providers of business centre services in the GTA and Ottawa, is announcing the benefits of shared office spaces as rents get more expensive across Ontario.

“With rents skyrocketing throughout Ontario, many small- and medium-sized businesses, or SMBs, and startups are looking for ways to cut costs. As a result, an increasing number of the companies are turning to shared office space as an alternative,” says Eshai Hirshberg, director of Innovative Professional Offices. “Unfortunately, the old saying ‘you get what you pay for’ often rings true, so businesses may find themselves in a less-than-desirable building due to a restricted budget.”

Hirshberg observes that many cities throughout Ontario are experiencing a shortage in affordable office space, leaving many organizations struggling to find a place to do business. With a shared small business office space rental, a company can find a prestigious address at a more affordable price.

“Whether it’s for convenience or to keep costs down, many startups and SMBs choose to operate out of the owner’s home. This may be fine for the first little while, but eventually, business owners will need a physical location, even if it’s just to meet with clients,” he explains. “Shared office space rentals provide the ideal place for any business that’s looking to move out of the home. Even if it’s just renting a boardroom for a client meeting, a business centre is better and less costly than treating the client to lunch at an expensive restaurant.”

“With rental prices going up across Ontario, many businesses are looking for a small business office space for rent that isn’t going to place a strain on their budget,” Hirshberg concludes. “And renting a shared office space has many other advantages besides saving money, such as helping to create a synergy with fellow tenants that can help all businesses involved.”

Innovative Professional Offices offers virtual office services, office rentals, and administration services, primarily to small- and medium-sized businesses that don’t have a need for an office on a daily basis. To learn more about all of the services offered by Innovative Professional Offices, visit

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