While many business owners are now mobile and work from home or different locations, a physical address is still a “must” for any business. Despite technology opening up opportunities for mobile companies, public perception is still that “real” businesses have a physical location. A mailbox service allows you to rent a mailbox and physical address that is associated with your business. Mailbox services not only make your business appear more professional, but they also bring a wide range of other benefits.

Foster a Professional ReputationMailbox Service

Businesses with physical addresses are viewed as more trustworthy and reputable. A physical address gives your business a sense of legitimacy. When potential customers do not see an address—or if they see that you use a PO box—they may easily assume that your business is small, new, or possibly untrustworthy. Having a physical address will make your business appear more professional and established.

Promote Your Business

It is important to promote your business through the web, something which you cannot do as effectively without a physical address. Google Local Search has become one of the main methods that consumers look for businesses in their area. A physical address is required for being listed on Google Local Search. Using a PO box will result in your business being excluded from Google’s service. To promote your business, a mailbox service can be essential.

Separate Your Home and Work Life

Using your home address for a business can be a bad idea. Your personal and business mail can easily become mixed up and disorganized, leading to extra stress and the potential for missed mail. As well, when you use your home address for your business, customers and clients know where you live and can contact you directly at your home, which can be a major privacy concern. Using a mailbox service can keep your work life organized and separate.

Increase Security

Another benefit of a mailbox rental is the added security for your business. Having a dedicated mailing address means that there is little chance of missed parcels or letters. Furthermore, having one dedicated mailing address means that you do not have to worry about problems arising with address changes if you ever move. With a mailbox rental, you can have assurance that you will receive all of your mail.

Make Use of Additional Services

Another great benefit to mailbox rentals is the additional features which can make your business life easier. Some mailbox services handle outgoing mail as well, which means that you can put your focus on more pressing areas of your business rather than waste time trying to figure out postage rates. Temporary offices and boardrooms are also available for client meetings, which further establishes a professional reputation for your business.

Innovative Professional Offices (IPO) has offices centrally located in Ottawa and close to most highways. We allow our clients to choose the services they need to fit their business, including mailbox services and virtual offices, as well as fully-furnished executive office suites for rent. To learn more, visit our website today.

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