Fully serviced offices for rent in Ottawa and Mississauga offer a great deal of convenience for small, medium, and large businesses. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a freelance worker, or an experienced business owner, renting a fully serviced office space in your city of choice gives you the support you need to make your business a success.

fully serviced office

In addition to having all or most of the tools you need to run your business available to you, serviced offices also give you access to invaluable business support solutions and expertise from knowledgeable business centre networks—something that conventional offices don’t offer. Although the nature of their offerings vary depending on your location and the company you choose, serviced offices provide incomparable business solutions that can help you elevate your company, support your employees, boost morale, and save money on basic items like furniture and some office supplies. 

Innovative Professional Offices has two main locations, one in Ottawa and one in Mississauga where our experienced and reliable staff are ready to work for you. This chart illustrates all the services you can expect to receive if you rent one of our office spaces in your preferred location compared to conventional offices.

Fully Serviced Offices

Conventional Offices

You only need to pay for what you use/need You need to pay for the whole space whether you use it or not
Our offices are fully furnished, so there’s no need to shop for or purchase furniture You need to spend extra money on purchasing furniture, which could prolong moving in
It saves you time; you just need to move in as our offices are ready-to-use You need to look for other amenities such as refreshments, networking team, installation, maintenance etc., which is time-consuming
Professional & welcoming receptionist You need to hire your own receptionist and admin staff
24/7 onsite IT services at our Mississauga location or upon request at our Ottawa location You need to manage it on your own, or you need to hire an IT/networking professional
Full catering available You need to set up kitchen/catering
Fully serviced offices are cost-effective Conventional offices cost you more
We provide all the necessary office equipment like laptops, computers, telephones, display monitors, whiteboards, etc. You need to purchase your own office equipment

Renting a fully serviced office space affords you greater flexibility in terms of how and when you choose to manage your business. Modern businesses tend to stray away from the traditional 9-5 working hours and that means you need an office space that accommodates the unique needs of your business. From choosing to make your own hours to scheduling client or staff meetings in a secure and private location, finding a suitable furnished office space in Ottawa or Mississauga can help put your business a cut above your competition.

Are you interested in learning more? Here are a few reasons why you should rent an office space instead of purchasing one.


With an office space rental in Ottawa or Mississauga, you have the option of renting an office space of any size on an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis without worrying about paying premium rental fees. Utilities are typically included in the cost of rent and you have the flexibility of coming in and out of the office as you need to during your allotted rental time. You’ll be given an access pass or code so that you can enter the building whenever you need to, giving you the freedom to set and work whatever hours suit you.

Access to Boardrooms, Meeting Rooms, and Training Rooms

IPO offers a variety of boardrooms, meeting rooms, and training rooms that you can use to hold important client and staff meetings or conduct interviews and training sessions with prospective employees. These beautifully furnished rooms provide optimal privacy for all your professional needs and they’re equipped with conference calling units, whiteboards, tables, chairs, and any other items you may need.

Our boardrooms, meeting rooms, and training rooms are available in a variety of sizes, so simply indicate how many people you expect to attend your event and we’ll accommodate your needs accordingly. You can also place special requests for setup designs and other requirements.

Professional Catering Services

Are you looking to impress a major client or treat your employees to a delicious brunch? Are you planning on hosting a company event, commemorating someone’s retirement, or celebrating a companywide milestone?

Professional catering services can help make your corporate event even more memorable and special. When you rent a fully furnished office space in Mississauga or Ottawa, you can rest assured that you’ll get all the fixings included for a top-notch catering experience. Delicious food, excellent service, and refreshments served on the side are just some of the components that make for an excellent event. You can’t get that with a conventional office space without paying top dollar for it!

Add Your Own Branding

Depending on how long you intend to rent a specific office space, you can add your own company flair or branding to it to make it more your own. Since the reception and administrative staff are hired and provided by the office rental company, you won’t have to worry about training them yourself.

At IPO, we carefully vet all our employees and ensure that they receive a thorough briefing about your business and your brand prior to working for you. All phone calls will be answered using your company name and callers will be directed to your company directory immediately. Our staff is also trained to receive and forward mail accordingly as well.

Do you have questions about renting a furnished office space in Ottawa or Mississauga?

Innovative Professional Offices is happy to help you grow your business. We offer a long list of amenities that can be custom tailored to suit the needs and growth of your business. Feel free to contact us today to book a tour of our Ottawa or Mississauga location!

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