Holding occasional or routine meetings are an inevitable and necessary component of running a business of any size. Non-profit organizations that typically rely on government funding or donations from the public especially need high-quality and fully furnished and equipped facilities from which to conduct their important meetings. Whether they’re conducted virtually or in person, meetings allow staff members to get together to brainstorm innovative business strategies, discuss challenges the business is facing, and find feasible solutions to face those challenges. Non-profit organizations are different than other business types and therefore don’t generate capital to the same degree using the same buyer-seller format. To that end, investing in meeting space rentals in Ottawa on a need-be basis is a great way for non-profits to maximize their funding while still keeping an open line of communication amongst staff members.

Here are a few other reasons why Ottawa meeting space rentals are a great idea for local non-profit organizations.

benefits of renting a meeting room

They Can Arrange for Hassle-Free General Meetings as Needed

General meetings create a platform for organization leaders to gather with their stakeholders and discuss the progress of the entity, how successful the initiatives are thus far, pinpoint potential problem areas, and come up with feasible solutions. These meetings also help the organization leaders get a firm grasp of where their stakeholders stand, how satisfied they are with the work they’re doing, and it gives employees the unique opportunity to air their grievances. Shareholders can—and should—also attend these meetings so that they can be brought up to date on everything that’s happening in the organization.

Meeting Space Rentals Are Affordable

Since non-profit organizations typically only meet on an annual basis or a couple of times a year, it doesn’t really make sense to lease or purchase a permanent meeting space. Depending on the size of the organization, non-profits are usually spread out across a wide region to cover as much ground for their cause or causes as possible. Therefore, it makes more practical and financial sense to rent meeting rooms or spaces as they’re needed. Ottawa meeting facilities offer a wide range of furniture, equipment, and office supplies, not to mention technical support as part of their rental packages so that you’ll have everything you need ready to go for your next big meeting.

Meeting Room Rentals Are Convenient and Easy to Manage

Keeping the needs of the organization top of mind, Ottawa meeting rooms for rent are also conveniently located in the heart of the city for easy access via public transit or motor vehicle. Meeting room rentals in Ottawa are also very easy to manage because an excellent support staff is always available to take care of your every need. From scheduling meetings in advance and setting up the meeting room as per your layout and seating request to arranging for high-end catering services, the options are unlimited and everything will be prepared in advance for you. 

With a highly qualified support staff by your side, planning a successful meeting has never been easier and you can rest assured that there won’t be any issues. 

Access to High-Speed Internet

All modern-day professional organizations depend on high-speed Internet access to function properly. Since multimedia presentations are a big part of today’s professional business meetings, it’s important to make sure that you have access to high-speed Internet at all times. A reliable and fast Internet connection allows presenters and staff members to deliver information to their coworkers as efficiently and accurately as possible. The Internet provides a vast wealth of knowledge like statistics that are very important to know when running an organization. Sometimes, it may be necessary to quickly make a Google inquiry to find information that may be missing in your presentation or you might need the Internet to conduct important information for your work. 

Professional meeting facilities in Ottawa guarantee that you always have unlimited access to high-speed Internet, so that you can easily perform your job, send emails and find the information you need. 

Full Support from Expert IT Staff

Fully furnished and equipped rental meeting spaces in Ottawa also come with full support IT staff that are available whenever you need it. From setting up technical equipment like conference calling, slide shows, whiteboards, and anything else you require for your presentation or meeting to troubleshooting technical issues and maintaining a solid infrastructure, IT technicians are always on standby to help with whatever you need.

The top priority is to guarantee that your meeting or presentation goes off without a hitch to help you stay on schedule and boost overall productivity and efficiency.

Professional Catering Options Available

No meeting or company presentation is ever complete without offering something to munch on. Whether it’s a few light refreshments like coffee, tea, or donuts for a short meeting or brunch/lunch options for longer gatherings, professionally catered meetings are just a small token of your appreciation for your staff and the hard work that they do. If you’re holding a client meeting, then catering is a great indication of the success of your organization and it also projects a more professional image. 

Some Ottawa meeting space rentals offer in-house catering options, while others outsource their catering services from local restaurants. Regardless, giving meeting attendees the option to order whatever they want while also supporting local businesses in the process is a great way to make a positive impression on your employees and clients alike. 

Professional Receptionist to Greet Your Clients

There’s nothing more welcoming and inviting than having a friendly face at the reception desk to greet your clients and staff members as they make their way into the meeting. This is a great way to make a good impression on everyone attending the meeting and a receptionist can also answer questions and direct attendees to the correct meeting room.

Innovative Professional Offices is proud to be one of the leading office space rental companies in Ottawa. We offer flexible services and office space rental packages that are designed to meet your specific needs. To learn more about our services or to book a tour of our premises, please feel free to contact us.

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