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Psychotherapy Office Space for Rent: Why Furnished Office Space?

December 15, 2016

Furnished Office Space Ottawa: A psychotherapist’s office is a crucial part of their practice. It provides a safe space for clients to come in and delve into their deepest and darkest emotional issues without feeling judged or belittled. A furnished office space in Ottawa allows psychotherapists to have creative and professional control over the look […]

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Why Meeting Rooms for Rent are a Better Choice than Virtual Meetings

December 9, 2016

In Ottawa, meeting rooms for rent can be a viable option for medium- to large-sized businesses that hold a great deal of important conferences. However, it can be difficult for some supervisors or company heads to determine exactly what constitutes an important enough topic to warrant holding a physical meeting instead of a virtual one. […]

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Virtual Offices Spaces vs. Traditional Office Spaces

December 2, 2016

For small business owners, freelancers, and entrepreneurs it can be difficult choose between a virtual office vs. a traditional office. Knowing the difference between virtual office spaces and traditional physical office spaces could help you decipher which one is the right solution for your business. It all depends on what your business stands for and […]

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How to Find Furnished Office Space for Nonprofit Organizations in Ottawa

November 18, 2016

Nonprofit organizations that are still in their infancy tend to face a great deal of adversity and financial difficulty when it comes to getting their feet off the ground. But, renting fully furnished office space in Ottawa could help relieve some of the financial and work-related stress. Why Nonprofit Organizations Need Furnished Office Spaces The […]

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Top 10 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Meeting Space Room

November 11, 2016

Finding the right meeting space rental in Ottawa or Toronto for your business needs can be more complicated than you would imagine. There are a lot of different factors that need to be taken into account. Meeting rooms can be used for a variety of purposes: staff meetings, client meetings, training workshops, or conferences to […]

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Why Choose a Virtual Office Over a P.O. Box in Ottawa?

November 4, 2016

There are quite a few advantages to utilizing virtual office services in Ottawa instead of having a traditional P.O. box. These days, the world of business is very fast paced, and you need to stay on top of all of the latest trends and constantly be available to your clients in order to maintain your […]

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Rent a Meeting Room for Small Business Meetings in Ottawa

October 28, 2016

For many small businesses, it is not always necessary to hold person-to-person meetings. But for those few times when business owners need to discuss something important with their employees, renting meeting rooms in Ottawa is always an option. When E-Mail Isn’t Enough You may be familiar with the phrase “this should have been an e-mail.” […]

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Starting a Counseling Practice: Choosing an Office Space

August 26, 2016

Starting a counseling practice is more common than ever thanks to the public’s growing health, legal, and personal concerns, so renting office spaces can help make setting up these businesses a lot easier. Counseling practices can be a very lucrative work for people in the medical field, as well as the legal field and other […]

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Are You a Small Business in Ottawa?

August 19, 2016

Our services are ideal for small businesses. We offer a professional setting that costs much less than traditional offices. You can rent a space for you alone, or you and your team (shared space) and have all the amenities we offer available to you- consider our office YOUR office- 24/7. You can also hold professional meetings, […]

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Why Renting Office Space is the Best Choice for Freelancers

August 12, 2016

It may not be the first thing that comes to mind for freelancers, but they can benefit greatly from using office space for rent in Ottawa. Traditionally, commercial space for lease in Ottawa would be used almost primarily by large companies and businesses. However, more and more freelancers are beginning to see the benefits of […]

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Renting Office Space by the Hour

August 5, 2016

Many business owners don’t want to sign a big lease for their office space, but often they don’t realize that they can rent office space hourly. In fact, office space rentals allow for a variety of flexible plans and schedules. With temporary office space rentals, you can rent month by month or week by week. […]

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The Benefits of Virtual Offices

July 29, 2016

Virtual Office Ottawa: Today’s fast-changing technology is doing away with the need for organizations to have a physical location. One of the biggest advantages of this change is that a business does not have to invest in a lease or pay rent on a location, savings they can pass on to their customers and clients. […]

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14 Key Factors to Consider When Choosing an Office Space

July 22, 2016

When it comes to choosing an office space for rent, location is often a secondary factor business owners consider. Instead, cost is typically at the top of the list, along with size. However, when it comes to office space rental in Ottawa and the surrounding regions, you should also take into account whether it fits […]

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Can Your Office Space Setup Lower Employees’ Stress Levels?

July 15, 2016

When it comes to work environments, can using the right types of office spaces lower your employees’ stress levels and improve their work productivity? Stress is increasingly common in today’s society. Modern life is busier than ever, with family, career, and social responsibilities competing for our limited time. When people are dealing with excessive stress, […]

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Why Are Boardrooms Important for Small Start-Ups?

July 8, 2016

Among start-ups, there is high demand for boardrooms for rent in Ottawa, Mississauga and surrounding areas. It is now easier than ever to create your own start-up. With the Internet, there are endless opportunities for entrepreneurs looking to begin their own business. Entrepreneurs can now bypass the traditional barriers to business success, such as having […]

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How Virtual Office Space Will Make Your Online Business Successful

June 24, 2016

If you own an online business, then it may be time to rent virtual office space. Virtual office space rentals allow entrepreneurs and business owners to access office space on an as-needed basis. With a virtual office, business owners can access a physical address, meeting rooms, office suites, and professional services such as phone support […]

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Meeting Room Setups and Styles: Options Available with IPO

May 27, 2016

When it comes to putting on a professional business meeting, one thing that is often overlooked is the meeting room itself. Meeting rooms have a big effect on the function of your meeting. In fact, using the right meeting room can be the difference between an effective meeting and an ineffective one. There is a […]

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Benefits of Hosting Off-Site Meetings in a Rented Meeting Room

May 13, 2016

Now more than ever before, businesses and corporations are exploring ways to improve productivity, creativity, and employee morale, and using off-site meeting venues has become one strategy for achieving these goals. Many businesses are more conscious of how their work environment impacts their success. They understand that part of attracting the best talent and retaining […]

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How to Use a Seminar Room to Expand Your Business

April 29, 2016

When you are looking at ways to grow your business, why not consider a seminar room rental? Seminar room rentals in Ottawa can be used for a variety of purposes that can contribute toward growing and expanding your business. Many new businesses and start-ups are using meeting rooms for novel purposes. Seminar Room Rentals to […]

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Types of Office Spaces for Startup

April 15, 2016

Every startup has to consider if they need office space for rent. While larger, established companies often have their own furnished offices, many entrepreneurs with startups don’t have that luxury. Office space becomes a key consideration for startups, and there are many types that can be chosen from. Why Does a Startup’s Work Space Matter? […]

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