Your office space can affect your workspace productivity. Is it set up to allow maximum productivity and easy interaction? Or is it poorly laid out, preventing discussion and cutting down on employees’ effectiveness?

It turns out that the old saying about how silence is golden is true; a quiet office is a productive one. According to a study in the Journal of Applied Psychology, even if loud noise is only intermittent, it can negatively impact the productivity at your office. In fact, even if it’s low background noise, it can still hamper how much you can accomplish in a day and ramp up stress.Office Space Rental

Many businesses may have many distractions in their current environment. In these instances, office space rental is an option, as ready-to-go offices can be set up to minimize distractions that can come up during the day.


It’s been found that it typically takes most workers 15 to 20 minutes to get “into the groove” when they arrive at the beginning of the day; even a brief five-minute interruption can throw it off. Office space rentals give each worker a private space and help keep interruptions down to a minimum.


Surprisingly, the lighting in your office can have an effect on productivity, as poor lighting leads to eye strain, fatigue, and a dampened mood. Simply raising the light level can increase productivity by eight percent and lower accidents by 52%.

Ready-to-go offices can be set up to allow in the maximum amount of natural light. And since your employees are cooped up indoors for at least seven to eight hours a day, allowing in natural light can go a long way to elevating their mood.

Ergonomic Office Furniture

“Ergonomic” is a popular buzzword, and ergonomic office furniture can prevent a number of health-related issues, such as back problems, carpal tunnel syndrome, and neck and eye issues. Office space rentals typically include ergonomic office furniture that can greatly increase your workers’ productivity.

Personalizing Your Space

Ready-to-go offices offer tenants the opportunity to personalize their workspaces; employees reportedly work better in a space that they have been allowed to personalize. If you’re moving into a new or larger office space, take the chance to personalize it and make it yours.

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