Innovative Professional Offices (, a top provider of executive offices and support services, is weighing in on new businesses embracing co-working spaces.

A company has been converting retail spaces throughout the United States and Canada into co-working space for hairstylists. Using the same concept of co-working spaces popular with offices, the MY SALON Suite allows hairstylists to rent and share space in a larger salon. (Polansky, J, “New Salon Co-Working Space Opens ‘One-Stop’ Beauty Shop In Stamford,” Stamford Daily Voice, November 11, 2015,

“Co-working spaces have been increasingly popular with startups and entrepreneurs, but now we’re starting to see other types of businesses begin to use the same model,” says Eshai Hirshberg, director of Innovative Professional Offices. “If anything, it’s actually a surprise that this hasn’t happened sooner, given that many of the benefits for offices and startups would also apply to other businesses.”

Co-working spaces have allowed entrepreneurs and startups to gain access to a professional work environment and high-end technology for affordable rates. Similarly, the MY SALON Suite charges a flat fee and offers its clients phone and video conferencing systems, private salon spaces, and a professional lobby with a TV display.

“For a lot of small companies and entrepreneurs, a co-working office is the best way for them to access the technology they might need,” says Hirshberg. “However, there are many other lines of work that require expensive technology and professional working environments. By offering these services for an affordable rate, you could see co-working spaces being used not just by hairstylists but by other retail businesses too.”
The concept has taken off, as apparent by the 60 plus salon locations opened across the United States and Canada. The owners have highlighted networking opportunities as one of the main benefits for their clients. But innovation isn’t just limited to startups, there has been an increase in larger companies and corporations switching from traditional offices to the co-working model as well, thus allowing them ways to get into new markets and tap into new talent pools.

Hirshberg predicts that people will continue to see co-working spaces expand into new areas. “Co-working spaces are already becoming the de facto working environment for the technology sector. We’ll soon start to see more retail businesses—such as salons, hairdressers, and small shops—employing this model,” he says.

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