Starting your own business is complicated, intimidating, and challenging enough without having to find the perfect location to house your operations. There are a lot of things you need to consider. But if you’re a first-time entrepreneur with limited experience or just venturing off on your own after spending years working for someone else, there’s a lot of guesswork involved. Understandably, renting an office space on your own for the first time can be nerve-wracking and risky to say the least.

But it is possible to find an office space for rent that checks off all or most of your must-haves without exceeding your budgetary constraints. You just have to put some effort into finding it. Here are a few factors you should think about when looking for an ideal office space for your startup company.

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Do They Have Appropriate Meeting Rooms Available?

When starting a new business, it’s important to think about the big picture from the very beginning. Right now, your company probably only consists of yourself, a few employees, and maybe a few desk chairs; but you need to think about future expansions, holding board meetings, training new employees, and all of that other fun and exciting stuff that comes with being your own boss.

Eventually, you’re going to need either a small or large meeting room to hold important client and employee meetings. There’s no point in renting an office space that doesn’t come equipped with various meeting rooms if it means having to rent them somewhere else down the line or if you have to provide your own office equipment.

How Flexible Is the Office Space?

Can the office space be rearranged to be used for different company functions or is it just one dimensional? As your company continues to grow, so will your team and the needs of your business. You need to make sure you’re renting a space that can accommodate and support the ever-changing needs of your business, your employees, and your clients.

From large meetings, to promoting collaboration on projects and holding office gatherings or parties, the office space you choose should be flexible enough to meet your requirements. Try to envision all types of future interactions that will be held in that space before making your final decision.

Is There a Designated Space for Recreational Activities or Employee Downtime?

All work and no play isn’t conducive to productivity or creativity. You and your employees need a designated space within your office suite where you can relax, let off steam, or get your snack and caffeine fix throughout the day. Working in an office space can be hectic. Some days are busier and more stressful than others and that’s why you need a special getaway spot where you can take a bit of a break from time to time. Unwinding has been proven to reduce stress, improve concentration, and boost employee productivity.

Does the Office Rental Company Offer Free Parking?

Free parking is a huge bonus that a lot of rental companies don’t necessarily offer. Many downtown locations require employees and business professional to pay for parking on a daily basis, which can get extremely expensive. Even worse, a lot of buildings don’t offer parking at all and the only option is to either park at a subway station and take public transit to work or park on the street.

Fortunately, more and more office space rental companies are starting to offer free employee parking or underground parking options to resolve this problem. Make sure you look into the parking situation before signing a lease because it will become an issue very quickly if your employees have to pay for parking.

Are There Any Additional Costs You’re Not Aware Of?

This is one of those times when it’s really important to read the fine print before simply agreeing to the terms and conditions. Lease agreements and contracts can be somewhat confusing and difficult to understand because they’re usually littered with a ton of legal jargon. Have a lawyer read over every contract and explain the terms, conditions, and any other additional costs to you before signing on the dotted line. This will save you a lot of headaches in the future.

If you can, choose a company that offers flexible rental packages that suit your needs. You might not need a physical office space every single day. For some businesses, renting on an hourly or daily basis might make more sense than a monthly or annual contract. It all depends on your business so make sure you figure out your needs before renting an office space.

How Much Space Do You Really Need?

Right now, your business is still in its infancy so you might not need a lot of space to get started. In fact, you might just need a few desks for yourself and your small team of employees as well as a few services that are offered by office space rental companies. You might even consider renting a virtual office space that comes with all the amenities and services you need but allows you to work remotely for the most part and then use the office space whenever you need it. As your business continues to expand, you can then start to make use of additional office space. Make sure this is an option in the future before you agree to anything.

What Types of Amenities Are You Looking For?

Amenities can include a break room, kitchenette, cleaning services, conference rooms, reliable Wi-Fi, mail services, an outdoor space, and so much more. The possibilities are endless. But you need to decide which amenities are the most important for the growth and success of your business. Amenities may seem like bonus add-ons, but they’re so much more than that. The types of amenities you offer to your employees demonstrates how much you care about their well-being and satisfaction at work, which incentivizes them to work harder for the success of your business.

Why Innovative Professional Offices Is a Good Fit

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