Office Space Rentals FAQ

One of the biggest money-saving trends in the business world today is for business owners like entrepreneurs, small business owners, large business owners and startups to rent professional serviced office spaces on an as-needed basis instead of purchasing them at a much higher cost. Renting serviced offices or virtual offices can drastically cut unnecessary costs for businesses and provide clients and employees with beautifully furnished and convenient spaces to conduct their business.

Serviced Offices

What Are Serviced Offices?

Like the name suggests, serviced offices are offices that can be rented by businesses for either a short or long period of time. They offer many of the same features as a purchased office space but in a more temporary and cost-efficient way. There are numerous comprehensive rental packages to choose from to suit all of your business-related needs.

What Do I Get with Your Serviced Offices?

By renting an office space from Innovative Professional Offices, you get access to beautiful, professional-looking office spaces (either fully furnished or unfurnished), access to a full reception staff, use of office equipment (computers, scanners, printers, etc.), free Wi-Fi, mail room services, and full IT and administrative support from our team.

Who Uses Serviced Offices?

Serviced offices are typically used by business professionals of all backgrounds who are looking to cut unnecessary costs—like purchasing office spaces—from their budgets. These can include entrepreneurs, large business owners, small business owners, and startups.

Where Is Innovative Professional Offices Located?

Innovative Professional Offices provides a series of serviced office space rentals in both Mississauga and Ottawa, Ontario.

How Many People Can Your Serviced Office Spaces Accommodate?

Innovative Professional Offices comes fully equipped with five meeting and training rooms that vary in size depending on your company’s needs. They can accommodate anywhere from six to 35 people, and the boardrooms hold six to eight people. Just let us know ahead of time how many people you are expecting to attend your event and we will book the appropriate room for you.

How Much Do Your Serviced Offices Cost and How Can I Book a Tour?

Innovative Professional Offices offers competitive rates compared to most office rental brokers because we are located in areas where the cost of renting is much lower than in the downtown core. For information on our pricing and to book a tour of our executive facilities, please fill out our online Book a Tour request form:

Virtual Offices

What Are Virtual Offices?

The purpose of renting virtual offices is for businesses to take advantage of all of the same perks of having physical serviced office spaces without actually having to use physical offices on a full-time basis. This gives the business owners and their employees or associates more flexibility to conduct their business from wherever they feel most comfortable while still getting access to all of the same services (administrative support, receptionists, mail room services, etc.). It is as if you are working in a physical office space but at a much lower rate.

Who Uses Virtual Offices?

Virtual offices can be used by a variety of different people, such as entrepreneurs, people who work from home for the most part but require access to physical office spaces from time to time, startup businesses, companies that want to exhibit the illusion of having a full time professional office space without actually having to purchase a full time professional office space, and companies that are looking to make budgetary cuts.

Can I Use Your Virtual Office Outside of Canada?

As long as you have access to reliable Wi-Fi, you can take advantage of Innovative Professional Offices’ virtual office services from anywhere in the world. We want to make it convenient for you to travel for work or other purposes if need be.

What Do I Get with Your Virtual Office Package?

Innovative Professional Offices will provide you with the following amenities as part of the virtual office rental package: a permanent company mailing address for incoming and outgoing mail; fully trained receptionists to take your business calls in the name of your business, take messages, and forward messages to you; access to meeting and training rooms as you need them; access to day offices and meeting rooms; communications equipment (i.e. fax machines and printers); customized and professional web design and development services; an extended team of professionally trained receptionists, researchers, data entry workers, and even IT professionals as needed.

Meeting Rooms

Why Use Innovative Professional Offices’ Meeting Rooms?

Whether you are renting a serviced office space or a virtual office space, Innovative Professional Offices will provide you with premium, luxurious, and professional-looking meeting and training rooms whenever you need them.

What Room Configurations Are Available and What Are Their Capacities?

We will work closely with you in order to set up the room configurations in whatever ways best suit your business and the specific function you are hosting. Our boardrooms can hold anywhere between six and 35 people. We only ask that you inform us of the number of attendees ahead of time so that we can set aside the appropriate room for the occasion.

What Types of Facilities Are Available?

Innovative Professional Offices offers a multitude of versatile on-site facilities at your company’s disposal as part of both the serviced office and virtual office rental space package. Our office rental services are versatile and fully flexible to meet your needs, whether you are renting by the hour, week, or month. You can rent guest or day offices, meeting rooms, boardrooms, or training rooms.

What Are the Rental Costs and How Can I Book a Meeting Room?

For information on rental costs and booking a meeting room, please call us either at (905) 361-8700 (Mississauga) or (613) 232-1110 (Ottawa).