Innovative Professional Offices (, a top provider of executive offices and support services, is weighing in on the growing trend of shared office space gaining prominence over home offices.

According to estimates, there are over 4000 shared office spaces throughout North America. These workspaces allow entrepreneurs and small companies to rent desks and offices in a shared working environment. (Source: Medina, M. “Shared workspace gains ground over home office”, Tallahassee Democrat web site, October 14, 2015;

“With the tech boom and startup companies, shared workspaces have become an increasingly popular option,” says Eshai Hirshberg, Director of Innovative Professional Offices. “Home offices were supposed to be the next big thing, but all of the recent growth has been in shared workspaces.”

Shared offices have become a billion-dollar industry in recent years, with offices even opening in exotic European and Middle-Eastern locations. However, much of the growth has been throughout the US and Canada, where startups are more prevalent.

“Tech startups rarely have the finances to rent their own office, but they usually still require the necessities of an office space,” notes Hirshberg. “Shared offices allow them to use the services they need while staying within their budget.”

These services can include access to meeting and conference rooms, technology such as photocopiers and high-speed Internet, and amenities like free coffee. However, opportunities for networking offer one of the biggest perks.

“We’ve seen a lot of freelancers and self-employed individuals start using shared offices,” says Hirshberg. “It gives them opportunities to network with other people in their field and remain competitive. For this reason alone, a lot of people are switching over from home offices.”

While networking is one large reason why shared workspaces are gaining in popularity over home offices, it offers a big advantage over traditional offices as well.

“Even established companies are beginning to use shared workspaces for their employees as a way to test out different markets and find new talent pools,” says Hirshberg. “They have appeal for a wide range of workers, so they will only continue to grow in popularity in the years ahead.”

Innovative Professional Offices offers virtual office services, office rentals, and administration services, primarily to small- and medium-sized businesses that don’t have a need for an office on a daily basis. To learn more about the shared office space available for rent in Mississauga, as well as all of the services offered by Innovative Professional Offices, visit

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