A business needs to provide good customer service in order to both thrive and survive. According to a 2011 study from Forbes, 71% of customers reported taking their business elsewhere after having a poor experience.

Implementing automated telephone answering services can diminish this source of frustration. That’s why more and more organizations are turning to professional phone answering plans. An answering service can greatly improve efficiency and customer service. However, finding the service that is right for you can be a tricky prospect. Following these tips can help you to find the right fit more easily:

Do Your Research Firsttelephone answering service

Researching is one of the first things you should do when searching for phone answering plans. Find out if the service has experience serving companies that are similar to yours (in size, services, etc.). Check the FAQ section as well as the industries they serve. If they don’t have the answers to your questions, don’t hesitate to ask them.

Having similar experience will go a long way towards providing your customers with the best service. It also means that they will be up-to-date on all the latest developments in your field. They can also provide suggestions as well as offer advice on good business practices that can further improve your customer service.

Look at Their Qualifications

Additionally, it is recommended that you look at the training that telephone answering services provide for their staff. Look at their qualifications and certifications to determine whether they are able to provide the necessary services. It’s recommended that you ask if the staff regularly update their skills and training.

How Many Years Have They Been in Business?

One of the main things you want in telephone answering services is experience and stability. If the service has been around for some time and has a fair number of clients, that is a good indication of their ability to maintain long-standing relationships and their continued success rate.

At the same time, you shouldn’t dismiss startups. Many times, after spending years with large firms, many experienced call center employees and managers start their own similar business with the knowledge they’ve gained from their years of experience in a larger organization. They will still offer the same level of professionalism, and often at a lower price!

What Services Do They Offer?

Phone answering plans often clearly outline what they offer to their clients. Do their hours of operation match what you’re looking for? Whether it’s standard business hours or 24/7 with holidays and weekends, this is one of the most important things to look for. Does the company offer automation, live receptionists, or a combination of both? Since many customers feel frustrated with talking to machines, a service that offers live receptionists may be your best option.

You should also consider the types of messaging options they have. For instance, if you miss a call, will they send the caller to your voicemail, or will they let you know that you missed a call via e-mail or text message? A professional notification service can help to ensure you receive all your important calls, so it’s necessary to determine what kind of system a company has in place before signing on with them.

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