When it comes to office space rentals, size matters. Whether you’re starting a new business or simply relocating your company, determining the exact amount of office space you’ll need in your new location can be challenging. On top of that, two different locations can boast the exact same square footage, but have completely different layouts, which makes a huge difference in the aesthetics and functionality of the space. When it comes time to consider office space rentals, you need to make sure that you have a strong understanding of the needs of your business, employees, and clients. Choosing the right office rental services can help put your business over the top.

How to Determine the Right Office Space Rental Size for Your Business

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Why Renting Office Space Is Beneficial to Your Business

Renting office space is an excellent option for small businesses, freelance workers, or entrepreneurs who are just starting to build up their companies. It gives them the opportunity to focus on the managerial aspects of running their businesses without having to worry about spending too much money on office space or the satisfaction of their employees and clients. Most office space rental services take everything your business needs into account including providing ample working space for your employees, professional meeting rooms, a breakroom with a kitchenette, IT support, Wi-Fi, and a highly trained administrative staff.


What’s the Average Square Footage of Office Space Per Employee?

In order to foster a comfortable working environment for all of your employees within your office space, each person should have approximately a 10×10-foot space all to themselves. Whether you prefer an open-concept creative concept or a more traditional floorplan that involves cubicles, this is the standard amount of space your employees need in order to maintain and promote greater productivity.

If employees are required to share a workstation, it’s recommended that no more than two people occupy a 150-square-foor space in order to reduce the risk of people infringing on each other’s space. Keep in mind that every employee is different and some people might be more comfortable working in their own private quarters while others are more productive in a group setting.


What Are Typical Office Space Sizes?

The standard for office space sizes varies year to year as well as from one work culture to another. It really boils down to the number of employees you have on staff and the amount of space you have available to you. Over the past few years, the standard size for office space has fluctuated liberally from 200-250 square feet per person to 100-150 square feet per person. It all depends on the needs of your employees.


How to Choose a Suitable Office Space for Your Business

First, consider the type of industry you’re in and whether or not it warrants a more traditional office space setup or a creative open concept one. Then, take the needs and preferences of your employees and clients into consideration. What steps can you take to help your company flourish and encourage greater productivity in your employees? Listen to what they have to say because they’re your greatest asset.

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