The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has made it incredibly difficult for some businesses to resume business as usual in the workplace. Office-based businesses have been forced to permanently or semi-permanently shift to a virtual work model with employees working remotely. Virtual office services in Ottawa offer extensive support and resources to small- and medium-sized businesses as well as startups that are in the process of building their brands and adjusting to this relatively new system. 

What Is a Virtual Office Space?

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When you rent a virtual office space in Ottawa or Mississauga, you get access to a plethora of resources that are also available with traditional office rentals. These include:

Employees are empowered to continue working from home throughout the duration of the pandemic or until they feel safe enough to come back to work. In some cases, businesses are making the switch from traditional offices to virtual office spaces permanently because of the tremendous overhead cost savings. 

It’s also a great alternative to returning to the physical office while the pandemic is still in full swing. As long as they have a secure and reliable Wi-Fi connection and a strong work ethic, employees can work from the comfort and safety of their own homes without having to commute to and from an office every single day. 

How Can Virtual Office Services in Ottawa Help You Save Money? 


Over the course of the pandemic, many people have been rethinking their personal and professional priorities. Whether you’re starting a new job or building your own online business, virtual office services in Ottawa and Mississauga give you the freedom to have a better work-life balance than before. Here are some of benefits of using virtual office services for your business. 

Increase Employee Productivity and Time Management 

Working from home offers business owners and their employees the convenience, comfort, and luxury of working in their own private space without any external distractions. There aren’t any coworkers stopping by their desks to socialize or engage in idle chitchat, which can take up a lot of time. 

Employees working from home always need to be on their A-game. As a result, people working from home are able to maximize their productivity and manage their time better because the stakes are a little bit higher than they were before.

Moreover, eliminating the need to commute into an office everyday and risk getting stuck in rush hour traffic in the mornings and evenings is an excellent timesaver. It also relieves some of the pressure employees might feel when they’re working on a tight deadline. With comprehensive virtual office services in Ottawa and Mississauga, remote workers have everything they need to stay connected to their coworkers and access important online resources and platforms. 

Lower Rental Costs

Virtual office rentals cost a fraction of the cost of renting a physical office space. Eliminating overhead and the cost of commuting to and from work everyday results in massive annual savings for your business. Plus, you only have to pay for the services that you use and you can choose from a variety of flexible office rental packages that fit your budget and specific needs. 

Working from home also means that you’re not responsible for paying utility bills for a physical office space and you get access to all of the virtual services you require as part of your rental agreement. 

Less Maintenance

There are a lot of overhead costs associated with traditional brick-and-mortar office rental spaces. Inevitable infrastructure maintenance and repairs are the biggest costs that businesses have to consider. If something breaks down in a physical office, it needs to be fixed and that usually incurs higher operational costs for businesses. Working remotely, however, eliminates the need and cost for office repairs and maintenance. 

Reduce Travel Expenses 

Gas prices are on the rise and that means that commuting to work everyday simply isn’t financially feasible for a lot of people. Working from home affords businesses and their employees the opportunity to eliminate their daily commute and save a little extra money in the process. Unless it’s absolutely necessary to go into the office or travel out of town, most employees are fully capable of completing their work-related tasks from home. 

Smaller Administrative Staff

Skilled administrative workers are hard to find. With virtual office services in Ottawa and Mississauga, you’ll always have access to reliable and high-quality administrative support for your business without having to keep staff members on your company payroll. 

How Can Virtual Office Rentals in Ottawa Make Your Business Look Professional? 

Prestigious Business Address 

Another perk of switching to a virtual remote work model is that you can still take advantage of a prestigious or official business address that’s located in a commercial area. Clients will never know that your organization is partially or entirely based at home. A professional business address offers the following perks:


Get Access to Professional Meeting Spaces 

While virtual meetings have certainly become the norm over the past two years or so, there’s something to be said for being able to hold an in-person meeting from time to time. With virtual office services, you can still get access to professional meeting spaces whenever you need them. Meet with clients and employees face-to-face in a safe, well-maintained, clean, and sanitized private space. You’ll have access to all of the professional office equipment you need including:

Gives You Credibility 

Virtual office rentals in Ottawa and Mississauga increase your business credibility. You can choose from a variety of flexible and affordable virtual office rental options that fit your business needs and budget. 

Innovative Professional Offices offers three office rental plans with various amenities to help boost your business’s functionality while you work from home. Bundle options include daily office use with eight hours of day of office time, professional phone answering services in your company’s name, 24-hour voicemail, a professional corporate mailing address, courier receiving services during regular business hours, and more. Contact us today for more information. 


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