Innovative Professional Offices (, a top provider of executive offices and support services, is commenting on reports showing that new businesses are centering their business model on training seminars and workshops.

A talent coaching company in California has found great success with their new business model, according to a recent LA Times article. Solely through hosting workshops and training seminars, AMTC has graduated over 4,000 students and employs 130 full-time and part-time staff. (Source: Miller, D “Selling Stardom: A Christian path to Hollywood,” Los Angeles Times web site, December 30, 2015;

“Training seminars and workshops have been seeing a big boom recently,” says
Eshai Hirshberg, director of Innovative Professional Offices. “There’s a real desire now for continued learning and career development. Things have changed from before, when people would finish school and stay in one career track for the rest of their life.”

The acting company is just one of a large group of similar talent businesses that are using workshops, seminars, and conventions to great success in the Los Angeles area, according to the LA Times. AMTC conducts their workshops at local hotels, using their seminar rooms.

“There’s been a big shift away from traditional office or business spaces,” says Hirshberg. “Many businesses are moving away from owning a physical space and are instead using them on an as-needed basis. We’ve seen that with co-working spaces, and now also with these new training-based businesses.”

While the traditional business model has been for companies to own or rent their own physical space, this new model creates greater opportunities for small businesses. AMTC is a Christian-based organization, serving a specific niche clientele in the Los Angeles acting community.

“For a company like this, they may not be as successful if they had to invest in their own space,” notes Hirshberg. “There’s really a large initial investment required to own or lease space, and that can end up sinking a lot of small businesses right from the start. By being able to use space when needed, these companies can focus on growing their business.”

While the business model has taken off south of the border, Hirshberg says that Innovative Professional Offices has noted the same trend in Canada. His company has seen an increase in the number of training room rentals being placed.

“There’s a lot more interest in renting seminar and training rooms now,” says Hirshberg. “Everyone, from entrepreneurs to larger companies, are starting to see the benefits. It’s become a much bigger part of our business now. In a few years, this business model will be very common.”

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