Innovative Professional Offices (, a top provider of executive offices and support services, is weighing in on the future of workplaces and the role training seminars will play in them.

At a recent economic policy forum in Paris, Brandeis University president Lisa M. Lynch spoke about the ways in which the workforce is changing due to globalization and technological advancements. In her speech, Lynch highlighted “lifelong learning” and continued skills advancement as important for the workforce in the “new economy.” (Source: Cardillo, J., “Lynch outlines workplace-training needs in ‘new economy’ at international economics meeting,” Brandeis NOW, January 15, 2016;

“Our society has moved away from the traditional work model where you learn one skill set and use it for 30 or 40 years,” says Eshai Hirshberg, director of Innovative Professional Offices. “Nowadays, employees are expected to continue learning if they want to remain competitive, and employers are recognizing that training actually produces better results.”

Lynch’s remarks focused on “disruptors” in today’s workforce, which include ageing workers, advancements in technology, and changes in work organization. According to Lynch, all of these factors have disrupted the economy and traditional work practices, contributing to economic crises.

“We’ve already seen that industries that have experienced growth are also the ones embracing new workplace practices,” says Hirshberg. “Information technology is booming, and that’s where we see startups and entrepreneurs using shared offices and co-working spaces. Non-traditional practices like these are cost-effective and allow small businesses to operate and remain competitive.”

Lynch highlighted training and learning as key for workers who want to succeed in the “new economy.” As a former economist, Lynch would like to see both employers and governments create new policies to help encourage continued learning.

“It’s not just employees that benefit from training,” notes Hirshberg. “A lot of businesses are now realizing how important it is to have a trained workforce, especially in today’s competitive market. Training seminars are becoming a more popular choice for small businesses that want to be innovative and remain competitive with major companies.”

The economic policy forum was held by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). The OECD’s forum featured senior officials from 40 countries discussing solutions to the most pressing labour market problems of today.

“In today’s market, businesses really can’t rely on old workplace practices,” says Hirshberg. “They really need to be focusing on innovation and learning; otherwise they will find their businesses losing ground to the companies that do focus on those aspects.”

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