Innovative Professional Offices (, a top provider of executive offices and support services, is weighing in on changes and new trends in co-working spaces and shared offices.

Co-working spaces, which allow workers to share office space with other entrepreneurs, employees, and freelancers, have been growing in popularity in recent years. However, while co-working spaces are intended to be shared working spaces, new research from The Instant Group shows that 23% of U.S. spaces are reserved for private offices. (Source: Amador, C., “Flexible Workspace Review, US 2016,” The Instant Group web site;, last accessed May 31, 2016.)

“Co-working spaces are now mainstream,” says Eshai Hirshberg, director of Innovative Professional Offices. “It used to be just startups and big tech companies that used these shared spaces, but now businesses of all types have been embracing them. And these types of office spaces are beginning to change in response.”

In addition to the above data, the study found that only 13% of co-working spaces say that they do not have some private spaces. These results indicate that co-working spaces are trending away from being spaces only for shared work.

“There’s beginning to be a shift to more of a hybrid model, with a mix of shared and private spaces,” Hirshberg explains. “Shared offices have a lot of benefits for businesses, but there are also advantages to using private spaces from time to time. With this hybrid model, businesses get to enjoy the benefits of both types of offices.”

Co-working spaces first became popular with startups, where they allowed entrepreneurs to operate for affordable rates. The spaces also encourage collaboration and creativity, which is part of the reason why they have become popular with major tech companies as well.

“The big benefit of shared offices is the collaboration, with studies having shown there are many benefits in terms of employee satisfaction and workplace results,” Hirshberg adds. “That said, there are times where private offices and meeting rooms are needed too. These new offices, however, give the best of both worlds.”

The hybrid model trend is expected to continue to grow in the years ahead. Several co-working spaces have noted that their private suites appeal more to major corporations, and the inclusion of these spaces is expected to help fuel further growth.

“Co-working spaces are now being used by businesses of all types,” Hirshberg concludes. “As they grow in popularity, there will continue to be changes in how they operate. And as long as collaboration, shared office environments, and affordable rates remain part of these offices, they will only become more popular.”

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