As a business owner, one of the challenges you’ll be faced with when onboarding new hires is finding an effective training room in Mississauga or Ottawa that checks off every item on your list of requirements. In fact, you might also be having a hard time pinpointing exactly what your training room requirements are. Training room requirements differ from one business to another. In some cases, they can also differ depending on the position in question.

To properly acclimate your new hire(s) to the ins and outs of your company and the specific role for which they were hired, you need to provide absolutely top-notch training. If you’re looking for training room rentals in Mississauga, but aren’t sure what you need then you’ve come to the right place.

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Things to Look for in a Training Room Rental in Mississauga

Easily Accessible Central Location

Finding an easily accessible central location for your training to take place is an extremely important criterion because it guarantees that all attendees—including you—won’t have any issues finding the place. A central location also usually means easy access to public transportation which increases the convenience factor.

Flexible Seating Plan

A flexible seating plan allows you to set up the training room however you see fit to accommodate the size of the group in attendance. Whether you’re holding group or individual training sessions, the training room you rent should be customizable according to your seating needs. To that end, you can choose from a variety of seating arrangements including:

Comfortable Office Furniture

Training session durations vary. Some training sessions last only an hour while others can span the course of a few days, depending on the material being covered. Regardless of the length of your training session, it’s important to ensure that everyone in attendance is as comfortable as possible. Make sure that the training rental venue has comfortable seating for all attendees. Otherwise, there’s going to be a lot of uncomfortable people shifting around in their seats and having a hard time concentrating on the training material.

Visual Aid Technology

Visual aids are an excellent teaching tool when trying to impart knowledge to others. Make sure that the training room you rent has access to state-of-the-art visual aid technology including projectors setup for PowerPoint presentations, whiteboards, large screens, and anything else you may need to effectively convey your message.

Conference or Video Calling Technology

COVID-19 has changed the business landscape by accelerating the natural progression toward more people working remotely. As more businesses are integrating video calling applications into their everyday operations and communication methods, it’s important to keep up with this phenomenon. Since many businesses are still practicing physical distancing protocols to avoid coming into close contact with other people, you should seriously consider renting training rooms that have robust conference and video calling technology available.

A Strong and Secure Wi-Fi Connection

To successfully manage remote conference calls during training sessions, you need to have a strong, reliable, and totally secure Wi-Fi connection. Otherwise, you could run into some easily avoidable and inconvenient connectivity issues that could slow down and prolong your training process. Wi-Fi is an essential component in our everyday lives now and in many cases, it’s our main source of communication.

A Catered Refreshments Table

In-person training sessions can benefit greatly from a fully stocked refreshments table. Staple items include a variety of sandwiches, coffee, tea, and a few light snacks satiate attendees. Professionally catered refreshment tables will not only impress your new hires right off the hop, but they also prove how much you value your employees and generate more excitement to work for your company.

Readily Available Support Staff

Renting a training room in Mississauga or Ottawa also means that you’ll have an experienced support staff ready and available to help you with anything you may need. Whether it’s connecting your devices to the Wi-Fi, setting up your preferred seating arrangement, greeting attendees, answering the phone, taking attendance or any other type of administrative support you may need, there will always be someone at your side taking care of menial tasks for you.

Having a support staff at your beck and call allows you to focus on running your training session rather than worrying about the back-end portion of it. In addition to having access to administrative support, you’ll also have a fully experienced reception staff at the front desk that can direct attendees to the correct training room and take all of your calls for you in the meantime.

IT Support

As mentioned, modern training rooms are equipped with reliable, fast, and secure Wi-Fi connections to ensure that your meeting goes off without a hitch. In the event that you need assistance setting up your technological equipment or require troubleshooting, training room rentals in Mississauga also offer comprehensive IT support. The last thing you want to happen is for your technology to break down, lag, or malfunction during your training session as this doesn’t look good to new hires.

With the help of an experienced IT support team, you can rest assured that everything will be in perfect working order for the duration of your training session.

A Comprehensive Budget

Anytime you’re looking for a meeting or training room for rent, you should have a full-scale budget in mind that accounts for all of your potential expenses. Fully equipped training rooms are affordable, but there are some additional costs involved in training new employees or cross-training existing ones that you should take into consideration. Even just having a general budget in mind can help you stay on track and avoid overspending.

Want more tips for training room rentals in Mississauga? Innovative Professional Offices can help you throughout every step of the training room rental process. Our fully furnished training rooms in Mississauga and Ottawa have everything you need to successfully run your training sessions, including experienced support staff, an IT department, catering options, and so much more. Contact us today to learn more.

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