Innovative Professional Offices (, a top provider of executive offices and support services, is weighing in on major companies launching new co-working spaces.

Google recently partnered with Dubai-based AstroLabs to open a co-working space in Dubai for startups. Launched on October 26, the co-working space is already being used by 40 startups from around the world. (Kesrouani, P. “AstroLabs and Google officially open their coworking space”, Wamda web site, October 28, 2015;

“We’re currently experiencing a boom in the popularity of co-working spaces and shared offices, as evident by the quick success of Google’s new venture,” says Eshai Hirshberg, director of Innovative Professional Offices. “There is a really high demand for co-working spaces among entrepreneurs and startups.”

The startups are from over 27 different countries, and include businesses focused on job recruiting, childhood learning, and travel. The co-working space is hosting startups that have a presence in Dubai but also want to expand globally.

Co-working spaces are particularly popular with startups and small businesses,” notes Hirshberg. “A lot of startups find them to be an affordable way to gain access to services, infrastructure, and technology that they otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to use.”

The new co-working space is part of a trend of offices opening in locations around the world. Co-working spaces have been a popular option in technology hubs, such as Silicon Valley and San Francisco, for many years.

“The biggest appeal of co-working spaces is the opportunities they create for networking and learning,” says Hirshberg. “They’ve gained popularity in the technology industry particularly because of their ability to foster innovation. This is why a lot of companies on the cutting edge of digital technology, like Google, are putting their influence behind co-working spaces.”

While Google’s newest space is focused solely on startups, Hirshberg notes that there is a lot of diversity in co-working spaces, with many suited more towards freelancers, small businesses, and even companies.

“Co-working spaces aren’t just for startups,” says Hirshberg. “While this particular space in Dubai is focused on them, we’ve seen a growing trend of established businesses and major companies not just opening co-working spaces but actually using them as well. There are many co-working spaces that offer the benefits of shared space with a more traditional office format.”

With this latest venture in Dubai, the growing trend of co-working spaces does not seem to be dying down anytime soon. “With all the co-working locations launching worldwide,” says Hirshberg, “there are more options than ever available for people looking to collaborate with other entrepreneurs and businesses.”

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