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For those times when your company needs to hold small, medium or even large functions, it is prudent to rent meeting rooms on an as-needed basis rather than pay for them even when they are not being used. We offer comprehensive packages that are sure to suit the needs and budgets of every business.

Yes. Since you’ll be using our premises as your primary or secondary location for your business operations, we completely encourage you to add our business center’s address to your web site for the convenience of your clients. You can also add the contact information associated with our business centers and our professional administrative staff will answer all phone calls and take messages on your behalf.

Yes, we do require that all of our clients who are renting a meeting room create an IPO account. This is so that all of the monthly charges and leasing details can be billed accurately to one account. However, there’s no fee for setting up this account. It’s mostly just for our own clerical purposes and to help us keep track of each individual client’s package.

Unfortunately, we don’t allow meeting room rentals for personal functions or any event that’s not work-related. The reason for this is it brings up the issue of personal and professional liability in terms of alcohol consumption on our premises.

Yes, there’s always designated personnel to meet and greet visitors to our offices. This service is offered 24/7 and your guests or clients will aptly be shown around the office and directed to the exact person or space that they’re looking for.

As mentioned, there are designated personnel in the office whose responsibility is to greet you and your guests upon arrival, show you around, and direct you to your intended location. On top of that, we’ll send you an introductory letter that tells you which one of our office personnel you’ll be meeting with initially, as well as where to pick up your passcards, wireless passwords, etc. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered and will have everything taken care of for you in advance!

Our priority is to make your experience using our services as simple and convenient as possible. If you need more than the allotted time for your business meeting, then all you have to do is let us know. We understand that your business practices are extremely important to you and since this is a very common occurrence, we always anticipate that you might need a little extra time. If this happens, there are two options: you can pay for the additional time or services on the spot or we can draw up an entirely new invoice and send it to you at a later date. The choice is yours.

We require at least two weeks notice to rent a meeting room for our clients. This way, we can guarantee that we have enough space and time to accommodate your specific needs.

Yes, you can absolutely pay upon arrival. However, we prefer advanced payments so that we can guarantee a firm agreement of our services and the type and size of meeting room rental needed for your work function.

Absolutely. In fact, we recommend that you visit any one of our premises to view the meeting rooms for yourself and make sure that they meet your standards. An advanced viewing will also help you get an understanding of what we do and the type of space we have to offer so that you can easily get your bearings before meeting with your clients. We also have personnel available to provide guided tours that you can book in advance.

Whether you are renting a serviced office space or a virtual office space, Innovative Professional Offices will provide you with premium, luxurious, and professional-looking meeting and training rooms whenever you need them.

We will work closely with you in order to set up the room configurations in whatever ways best suit your business and the specific function you are hosting. Our boardrooms can hold anywhere between six and 35 people. We only ask that you inform us of the number of attendees ahead of time so that we can set aside the appropriate room for the occasion.

Innovative Professional Offices offers a multitude of versatile on-site facilities at your company’s disposal as part of both the serviced office and virtual office rental space package. Our office rental services are versatile and fully flexible to meet your needs, whether you are renting by the hour, week, or month. You can rent guest or day offices, meeting rooms, boardrooms, or training rooms.

For information on rental costs and booking a meeting room, please call us either at (905) 361-8700 (Mississauga) or (613) 232-1110 (Ottawa).

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