As coworking office spaces continue to gain popularity across a diverse array of industries ranging from tech companies to financial institutions, there are a lot of misperceptions regarding how they operate that have also gained momentum. A lot of these negative implications are either completely unfounded or avoidable if the right measures are taken. It’s important to dispel a lot of the misconceptions surrounding coworking spaces because not only are they harmful to a potentially lucrative industry, but they also deny entrepreneurs, employees, freelancers, and creative minds from reaping the rewards of their many advantages.

4 Major Myths about Coworking Office Spaces

There are four major myths about coworking office spaces that are of particular concern.

Coworking Only Benefits Startups, Freelancers, and Entrepreneurs

While it’s true that these are the types of workers who happen to dominate the coworking office space rental trend, it’s not true that startups, freelancers, and entrepreneurs are the only ones who can benefit from this interactive and opportunistic office set-up.

Basically anyone who has any type of freedom in their working hours and parameters can and should take advantage of coworking office spaces. If you work from home or are of a more nomadic nature and work from any local coffee shop that allows you to monopolize the same table for hours on end, then you should consider looking into coworking offices instead.

Coworking Spaces Are Distracting and Lack Privacy

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This is a matter of perspectives and personal working preferences. The reality is that while light conversation isn’t strictly prohibited from coworking spaces, it doesn’t mean that the general rules of an office don’t apply. Likeminded individuals who work in similar fields of work might network and exchange ideas (this is not only welcomed but it’s also encouraged), but coworking office spaces aren’t a free-for-all for unruly and disruptive people.

The general understanding is that people are there to work, and even though there is a slight social aspect to the concept—it’s human nature to talk to one another every once in a while—there’s no room for loud or obnoxious behaviour. If you prefer complete and utter silence, then you’re more than welcome to wear noise-cancelling headphones or move to a more private part of the office.

Collaboration Is Mandatory

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Collaboration is encouraged and applauded in many cases, but it’s by no means obligatory in a coworking spaces. It’s completely up to the individual and whether they deem it useful for their own personal business ventures. Sometimes, it can be helpful to ask other professionals in the same or similar field for advice, but any participation in such interactions is completely of your own volition. The only thing that’s absolutely expected of every member using the coworking office space is that they respect each other’s privacy and keep the conversation level to a low buzz so as not to disturb those around them. After all, at the end of the day, it’s still a shared space.


Coworking Is Only Suitable for Big Cities

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This was true when the concept of coworking office spaces was still a novel idea in the late ‘90s. However, as certain industries have evolved over the years, so have the nature and necessities of working in office settings.

Coworking offices may have started out in major cities like Ottawa and Toronto, but they’re progressively becoming more prominent in suburbs and small towns as well. With the cost of living continuously on the rise in major cities, many young professionals simply can’t afford to live in these places anymore, much less maintain their lifestyles even with most basic necessities. That’s why a lot of them opt for more affordable living in or around their hometowns so commuting isn’t as big of an issue; this is where coworking office spaces can be especially helpful to them. They don’t have to isolate themselves at home and they’re not forced to lug their equipment around from one coffee shop or restaurant to another.

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