Innovative Professional Offices (, a top provider of shared office space for rent and support services in Ottawa and the GTA, is weighing in on recent changes in office design that are making offices more attractive for employees.

A recent study found that millennials still have an overwhelming preference for working in office spaces, with almost two-thirds of respondents affirming the office as their first choice for a workplace. (Source: Phillips, C., “Study: ‘Generation Z’ workers prefer offices, in-person communication over telecommuting,” Times Free Press, September 15, 2015;

While there have been previous moves towards enticing employees with fun amenities or virtual work, Eshai Hirshberg, director of Innovative Professional Offices, notes that having an office space conducive to collaboration and productivity is still a big incentive for employees.

“Despite the many options available for work environments, employees still prioritize having a professional work environment,” says Hirshberg. “Recent trends in design have made the modern office more desirable than ever for employees.”

Hirshberg also notes that a well-designed office gives employees more freedom than other work environments: “Many offices are now set up to offer a mix of both shared and private working spaces. This allows employees to move freely between the two based on their working style and needs. Employees can choose from a range of options.”

As well, a mixture of workspaces increases collaboration, which is not just a perk for employees but is also a benefit to businesses, as team-building often results in better work.

“The modern workplace offers more than just cubicles,” says Hirshberg. “Open shared spaces, boardrooms, and workshops allow people to collaborate with each other. Studies have shown that collaboration is one of the top things employees look for in the workplace, so it is no surprise that people still prefer having access to an office.”

The study also revealed that certain design elements can go a long way in making the office a place which people look forward to going to, meaning they’re more energized and productive throughout the workday.

“Many offices now use natural light, plants, art, and other décor to liven up the workspace,” Hirshberg adds. “Simple aesthetic adjustments, such as adding more greenery, can make employees feel more comfortable and relaxed while they work. These little changes can have a big effect on an employee’s overall satisfaction and productivity.”

Finally, one of the largest changes in offices is a focus on creating community. Lounge areas, communal lunchrooms, and community-based activities don’t just offer employees a chance to relax, but actually help keep people more involved and invested in their work.

“Offices are great for building team morale, allowing people to get to know their coworkers better and fostering work relationships,” says Hirshberg. “Additionally, smaller businesses can consider shared office spaces, where their employees can use office space as needed and establish and build relationships with other small businesses operating out of the same office space. In this way, small businesses and startups can offer office perks and the latest office trends, while staying under budget.”

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