Shared Office Space Isn’t Just for Start-ups Anymore, According to Innovative Professional Offices

Innovative Professional Offices (, a top provider of executive offices and support services, is weighing in on a recent Huffington Post article that reveals that shared office space is becoming a popular choice for many professionals.

Shared work spaces have often been the next step for start-ups that have moved beyond their incubation period, as they offer businesses the option of flexible work environments. But now, start-ups only account for a small percentage of organizations and workers renting shared office space, and they are becoming increasingly more popular with freelancers and international businesses. (Source: Chalupa, F., “Not Just For Startups: The 4 Different Types of Shared Office Users,” The Huffington Post web site, June 12, 2015;

“Start-ups planning to upgrade to the next level account for many of the companies looking into shared office space in Mississauga and the surrounding regions,” says Eshai Hirshberg, founder of Innovative Professional Offices. “But, a growing number of other businesses are beginning to consider this as an option as well.”

A shared work space can offer several amenities, such as a high-speed internet connection and networking opportunities. In addition, they also provide support staff to take care of answering phones and other administrative duties. Many lawyers, accountants, and other service professionals who are just starting out may choose a shared space as an affordable stepping stone until they are established and can afford a private office.

“The image of a shared workspace only being for start-ups and SMBs has been shattered,” says Hirshberg. “Organizations of all sizes, from single workers to major corporations, can greatly benefit from the dynamic these environments create. It also gives them a sense of legitimacy with a prestigious mailing address, as well as fully-equipped facilities. A shared office space gives companies a place to meet with clients,” Hirshberg concludes.

Many corporations that operate on a national and international level are also taking advantage of shared office spaces. Businesses can conduct work in a new city and allows them to save on paying rent and having to hire administrative and janitorial staff, especially if they are only working in that city for a short period of time.

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Pat Fernandes

Using all the skills, experience and knowledge gained in my work life, it gives me great joy to help professional business owners to find a comfortable office space to carry out their day to day work. At Innovative Professional Offices we provide executive office space for solo-preneurs and small companies. We provide virtual office services for those who work from home, but need a business address and telephone. We provide board rooms for meetings and small seminars.
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