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For business owners, freelancers, and entrepreneurs, renting coworking spaces is one of the best ways to gain a competitive edge and achieve greater business success. Coworking spaces have been popular among start-ups for a long time, but other businesses are beginning to see the benefits of using these shared spaces. With a coworking space, businesses can share a professional office space with other workers, freelancers, and business owners.

Coworking spaces offer advantages for new companies and businesses in innovative fields, allowing access to professional environments for a fraction of the typical cost and providing opportunities for networking, collaboration, and partnerships.

Innovative Professional Offices provides professional coworking spaces for small- to medium-sized businesses, start-ups, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and more.

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John Harrison & Associates Inc. BMB Consulting Services Inc.Navatar Press (Publishers of Canadian Government Executive Magazine)
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“Innovative Professional Offices offers me the opportunity to present a professional image on behalf of the companies I represent and provides me with access to a range of services and resources that would not otherwise be available to me – at very competitive rates”
Renee D., The Caldow Group
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“By partnering with Innovative Professional Offices, I am able focus on growing my business without the typical administrative headaches that come with running a small business.”
Cory R., Infinite SMCory R., Infinite SM
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“What impressed me most was the responsiveness of the Innovative team. With Innovative being a family operation who are also the owners of the building, it eliminates the layer of approvals you encounter in many office settings.”

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Rent Private Office Space

  • By renting our private office spaces, work in a comfortable and stylish environment.
  • Choose the amenities and office services that fit your exact needs.
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Rent Private Office Space

  • By renting our private office spaces, work in a comfortable and stylish environment.
  • Choose the amenities and office services that fit your exact needs.
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Your own private, tastefully appointed space.

There are many reasons to book coworking space, with the most common one being the cost savings that it offers.

For start-ups, smaller businesses, and freelancers, leasing a traditional office space can be too cost-prohibitive. Office spaces are a huge expense and can require large investments, multi-year leases, and extensive planning. However, they also confer many advantages to businesses, providing a professional work environment with the right equipment, technology, and associated services to achieve greater success.

With coworking spaces, the benefits of a professional office space can be provided for a fraction of the cost. Furthermore, shared working spaces can provide opportunities for networking, creating business partnerships, collaborating on projects, and connecting with people in your field.

Innovative Professional Offices offers coworking spaces at affordable rates and flexible schedules. Our shared office space can be rented on an as-needed basis, by the month, week, day, or even hour. Business owners can have more flexibility, reserving space for only the times that they need with no upfront investment or long-term agreement required. With our flexible rental arrangements, businesses can save money and avoid risky investments.

One of the biggest advantages for new businesses and start-ups is the flexibility of coworking spaces. As businesses grow or restructure, they can upscale or downscale their services as required without having to worry about leases, investments, or other considerations.

Coworking spaces are used by businesses of all types. At Innovative Professional Offices, we host a wide range of businesses and workers, including start-ups, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small- to medium-sized businesses.

Shared offices were commonly used among start-ups, particularly in the tech industry. Due to their focus on collaboration and networking, as well as their affordable rates, they became particularly popular with companies performing innovative work in new tech fields. Now, coworking spaces have spread into the mainstream, becoming a popular choice for everyone from individual freelancers to large corporations. The benefits of networking, collaborating, and saving on expenses extend to businesses of all types.

There are many different types of coworking spaces, and finding the best space for your business means considering a number of options. Look for shared offices that use an open-concept design with multiple workstations, allowing for maximum freedom and flexibility when it comes to your work. One of the major benefits of coworking spaces is that they allow business owners more flexibility than they would get with a traditional office space rental.

Some coworking spaces integrate more fully into a traditional office setting, offering features like meeting rooms, training rooms, business support, and auxiliary services. These coworking spaces can provide a greater level of service to their occupants, allowing businesses to access the same benefits that are available to companies with their own offices.

At Innovative Professional Offices, we offer fully furnished, professional coworking environments that come with a range of amenities, services, and support. We offer access to meeting rooms, seminar rooms, and training rooms, as well as professional furnishings and cutting-edge industry equipment. Our coworking spaces give businesses the opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of a professional office space for a fraction of the cost.

If you’re looking for affordable office rentalsInnovative Professional Offices offers fully furnished rentals, along with boardroom or meeting room rentals, in Mississauga. To learn more, contact us today.

  • Host professional yet comfortable interviews or more personal meetings in tasteful rented day rooms
  • Guests and clients will be greeted by IPO’s friendly and professional office staff, and can enjoy our reception area prior to and after meetings
  • Internet access and other additional support services available
  • Strategically designed, prestigious conference rooms for hosting meetings of all kinds
  • Conference table with TV, phone system, desktop computer, microphone, and webcam for easy audio or video conferencing
  • Internet access, and other additional support services available
  • Professional staff to greet your guests and to assist with catering arrangements
  • Host training and educational sessions in a comfortable and productive environment.
  • Rooms can be split into two sections for hosting multiple sessions in the same space simultaneously
  • Fully equipped with advanced technological equipment, video-conferencing capabilities and presentation tools to make professional gatherings run efficiently and smoothly
  • Internet access, and other additional support services available
  • Professional staff to greet your guests and to assist with catering arrangement
  • Hassle-free installation of desktop or laptop computers (long- and short-term hardware rentals available as well)
  • Telephone installation and support, phone and voicemail programming and personalization
  • Installation and support of your computer hardware and software (routers, printers, programs)
  • Secure, high-speed 100MB fibre optic Internet connection
  • Telephone PBX system with numerous voicemail and calling options
  • Audio and video conferencing capabilities (presentation equipment also available)
  • Web hosting, web design and development, and custom e-mail solutions
  • Trusted security protection and fully managed firewall services
  • Online back-up services for emails, files and other content
  • Setup of presentation equipment and materials, videoconferencing support
  • Virus/spyware/adware protection and removal services
  • Troubleshooting and diagnosing of PC and Mac issues
  • Upgrading of systems and software, to ensure optimal functionality and security
    • Professional Receptionist

      A professional receptionist can answer your telephone calls, personalized in your business name or however you specify. Have your calls forwarded to your office, cell phone, or wherever you are.

    • Printing/Fax

      Our communications equipment is high tech and reliable. IPO provides lightning-fast scanning and photocopying in black and white or colour. Included in your monthly package is a fax number for receipt of faxes (you can upgrade your package to include a direct fax line if you wish). Binding and other project preparation services are also available.

    • Furnishings

      Conduct your business while enjoying well-designed workstations and cabinets from high-quality manufacturing companies. Stylish and ergonomic seating provides support and comfort for you and your guests, and our tastefully decorated breakout rooms and boardrooms are both attractive and user-friendly.

    • Telephone Services

      Our enhanced telephone and voicemail system is simple, user-friendly, and it gives you access to a wide range of phone features and advanced services. Take advantage of our value-added applications, including: access to your company and personal directories, click-to-dial calling, visual access to voicemail, call screening, a call log and voice message notification, conferencing and more.

    • Web Design, Development and Hosting

      Ask about our professional web design and development services. We do web hosting, web address registration, custom and interactive website designs, web development, marketing, social media optimization, and much more!

    • Support Team

      IPO’s team of professional staff is available to assist you in the day-to-day duties of running your office, so you can focus on your core business. Consider the time and costs you will save by outsourcing tedious administrative work to us!

    • Administrative and Technical Support

      Make use of our staff to assist you with research, clerical word processing, meeting minutes, booking reservations and more. IPO has IT and telecom technicians available for set-ups, monitoring and troubleshooting or to assist you with any technological issues that arise.

    • Reception Area and Kitchen

      Make use of our fully equipped kitchen and common areas. Relax or just take a breather in our reception and breakout areas, which provide added value for welcoming guests and networking with clients.

    • Office Supplies

      We have most basic supplies available for purchase. Additional or unique supplies can be ordered 1-2 weeks in advance through our receptionist.

    • Facilities Management and Maintenance

  • General Parking (Reserved parking available)

  • Storage Facilities Available

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