Executive Office Rental: When your company is still in its start-up phase, it makes sense to opt for remote working solutions and utilize IPO’s virtual services. However, if you want to maintain a steady growth trajectory, eventually you’re going to have to expand your workforce and secure a fully furnished office space in Mississauga or Ottawa. Office and meeting space rentals in Mississauga and Ottawa are a great solution to providing your employees with a reliable place where they can gather and collaborate on and various tasks and projects. While there are numerous options available, the two main ones are serviced executive and conventional offices. 

In this article, you’ll learn about the difference between the two, so that you can determine which one is the more suitable option for your professional needs.

Executive Office Rental in Mississauga

What Are Serviced Executive Office Spaces?

Renting serviced executive office space in Mississauga or Ottawa means you get access to a fully furnished workspace that provides you with a wide range of equipment and amenities. Executive offices and suites also provide you with a completely private workspace that’s designed to eliminate all external distractions, so that you can get your work done and maximize productivity.

Furthermore, serviced executive offices also double as excellent meeting space rentals in Mississauga and Ottawa. Whenever you need to conduct a group meeting consisting of staff members or clients, executive offices provide you with the flexibility and privacy you need to maximize productivity and efficiency.

Flexible and affordable rental packages allow you to rent executive offices more advantageous to you business model. Additionally, you get access to shared breakrooms, kitchens, washrooms, a fully trained reception, and administrative staff, and so much more. 

The best part is that you can maintain an unwavering professional image by taking advantage of various amenities such as phone answering services, IT support, and mailbox rental in Mississauga and Ottawa. These services can also be available to you even when you’re not physically occupying the executive office space. 

What Are Conventional Office Spaces?

Conventional office space rental services typically consist of many of the same amenities as serviced executive suites, except for the fact that you’re required to enter into a minimum lease term. In some cases, leased terms are a minimum of two years or longer. Entering into an extended lease term simply isn’t financially feasible considering most companies don’t break even until about the five-year mark, if at all. The overhead costs alone can be astronomical 

Conventional office space rentals also require companies to purchase their own furnishings and equipment, which means you’re really only paying to use the space itself. Any amenities that are offered usually come at an additional cost. It’s a lot like staying in a nice hotel and then being charged extra for so much as touching any of the items in the mini bar. 

Plus, some office rental services charge per square footage, which can get expensive very quickly—especially if you only need to use the office space occasionally or a few times a week.

The only time it might make sense to rent a conventional office space is if you have the capital to make a long-term investment and are planning on renting several spaces at once. Other than that, they don’t really offer a lot of flexibility and can be fairly cost-prohibitive for new businesses. 

Why Serviced Executive Office Rentals in Mississauga and Ottawa Are the Better Choice 

More Flexibility

Serviced executive offices and suites give you the financial and professional flexibility to rent a fully furnished office space on your terms. As long as you give advanced notice, you can adjust your rental package or agreement as needed. In the event that you want to downsize or expand your workforce and services you receive, executive office rentals give you the ability to do so. 

All-Inclusive Amenities Packages 

Conventional office space rentals require you to pay for property taxes, utilities, business internet service, cleaners, insurance, and amenities such as receptionist and administrative services, IT support, furnishings, and office equipment on your own dime. But when you rent an executive office space in Mississauga or Ottawa, most of these are automatically included in your rental agreement. We can also arrange for a variety of office equipment including furniture, printers, fax machines, phones, projectors, computers, etc.

Take Advantage of Fully Serviced Offices

Serviced offices provide additional support to help your small business flourish. This includes helping you furnish and decorate your office space to aptly reflect your brand, access to phone and email answering services, mailbox services, and so much more. The extent of the additional support you receive depends upon your contractual agreement. And you can choose the length of the services to be rendered. 

Low Maintenance 

Renting a serviced executive office suite as opposed to leasing a conventional office space means that you’re not responsible for paying for or carrying out any required maintenance or repairs around the office. The cost of regular maintenance is automatically built into your rental fee, which means that the venue has a reserve fund designated specifically for necessary repairs and maintenance projects. Most office rental companies typically perform routine maintenance checks and outsource professional cleaners to ensure that their facilities are always well maintained for client use.

Limit Distractions, Increase Productivity

Serviced executive office rentals provide the ultimate privacy that you simply can’t get anywhere else. You get access to your own private office/suite, meeting space, or training room, so that you can conduct your business safely, securely, and comfortably without any outside distractions. This type of work environment is also conducive to increasing collaboration, culture, productivity and efficiency in the workplace.

Find Full-Service Executive Office Space Rentals in Ottawa and Mississauga

For years, Innovative Professional Offices has established and maintained a reputation for being one of the most affordable and reliable executive office space rental companies in Ottawa and Mississauga. We pride ourselves on creating a welcoming, friendly, and professional environment that meets and exceeds the expectations of our clients. Contact us today to discover how our executive office space rentals can help you take your business to new heights.

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