Shared Office Space

Why Shared Office Space?

shared officespace

If you’re just starting out or have had to make budget cuts, shared office space is an option that should be at the top of your business’ to-do list. That’s because the rental of shared space has many advantages, the biggest being the savings.

Innovative Professional Offices provides shared offices for rent at affordable prices while giving you a professional space to meet with clients and hold training and education sessions. And with our shared office space setup, you don’t have to worry about crossing paths with your neighbours while still providing a professional image of your organization.

Meeting at a coffee shop or restaurant may give your organization a casual vibe, but many professionals prefer to meet in a traditional boardroom. Our rentable spaces feature fully equipped boardrooms with everything you need for presentations, including computers and Internet access. In addition, our professional receptionist will greet your clients and our IT staff will take care of all your support needs.

Shared office space also provides your business with a physical address. For many startups, this sense of prestige can go a long way in helping with their professional image, thanks to having an address they can put on correspondence and business cards and a receptionist to handle their cards.

Shared Office for Space-Hungry Startups

Renting office space can be expensive, especially if you’re just starting out. However, shared space has the advantage of being much more cost-effective than renting a location on your own, making it a popular option for many startups as the cost of rent increases. Our shared offices for rent provide our clients with an affordable space they can work out of until they are established and can look towards upgrading.

If you started out working out of a home, you obviously don’t want to tell people where you live. With a rental of shared office space, you are provided with a physical space that lets you keep your home address separate from your business one.

Shared office spaces offer an easy setup; just bring your computers, laptops, and other equipment in and our support staff will have you set up quickly. At Innovative Professional Offices, our shared workspaces will help you to look established, even if you have only been in business for a short time. Contact us for more information today!