Short-Term Office Rental in Ottawa

Short Term Office Rental Ottawa

Short Term Office Rental Ottawa

Office Space Rental

Short Term Office Space Rental: The reality of workplaces today is that many small businesses don’t require full-time office space for rent. Employees are increasingly working offsite to avoid the wasted time of a daily commute. Communication and cloud technology have advanced to the point where businesses can adapt and accommodate to the flexible nature of today’s workforce.

Innovative Professional Offices (IPO) have long recognized this cultural shift towards remote work and changing business procedures. As a result, they have structured their own company to serve the needs of small- and medium-sized businesses in Ottawa who prefer to work in shared office spaces.

Need a Temporary Office Space?

Office Space Rental Near Me: Many situations exist in which short-term office rentals would benefit small businesses. On top of the cost savings from not having to pay a hefty rent on a monthly basis, the different office rooms IPO offers allow for different manners of use.

Office for Rent: Some use our conference rooms for two- or three-day training seminars. Others use the rooms for weekend conferences or to host joint meetings with clients coming in from out of town. Some business owners just need a place to focus in for a few days to complete projects with deadlines. For these and other such occasions, our meeting and training rooms and shared offices are ideally suited.

High Level of Business and Technical Support Services

The benefit of choosing IPO is that our clients who use our short-term office space rentals still receive access to the many other business and technical support services we offer. Those include utilizing our professional receptionists, phone and messaging services, and a staff of IT experts who will help with any hardware installations and network setup. These services make it easier for small businesses to focus on running the other, more pertinent operations of their companies.

In using our IT services, IPO will monitor your networks and ensure your systems are running efficiently through our secure 100MB fibre-optic Internet connection. Any troubleshooting or hardware fixes are also made available to our clients, along with system upgrades and security protection.

Now more than ever, businesses are not just looking for partners with the best deals and the most discounts. Instead, they are looking at the people behind these companies and assessing whether their level of service and integrity is in line with its own. IPO has built its name as a trusted brand with service offerings that appeal to most small- and medium-sized business owners.

IPO understands the nature of today’s business culture and we’ve structured our services accordingly. Book a tour today to learn how we can support the short-term office rental needs of your small business.