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Starting and managing a small business is hard work. From hiring reliable and productive employees to doing paperwork, payroll, and keeping up with online trends to help your business grow, small business owners have to wear a lot of hats. But you shouldn’t have to do it all alone. Hiring a virtual assistant for your small business can help you stay on top of all of the daily tasks involved in running your company.

Innovative Professional Offices offers exceptional virtual assistance and support for business owners like yourself in Toronto, Mississauga, and all across the GTA. Keep reading to learn all about how we can help you grow your business with our virtual solutions for local firms in Mississauga and throughout the GTA.

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John Harrison & Associates Inc. BMB Consulting Services Inc.Navatar Press (Publishers of Canadian Government Executive Magazine)
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“Innovative Professional Offices offers me the opportunity to present a professional image on behalf of the companies I represent and provides me with access to a range of services and resources that would not otherwise be available to me – at very competitive rates”
Renee D., The Caldow Group
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“By partnering with Innovative Professional Offices, I am able focus on growing my business without the typical administrative headaches that come with running a small business.”
Cory R., Infinite SMCory R., Infinite SM
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“What impressed me most was the responsiveness of the Innovative team. With Innovative being a family operation who are also the owners of the building, it eliminates the layer of approvals you encounter in many office settings.”

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  • By renting our private office spaces, work in a comfortable and stylish environment.
  • Choose the amenities and office services that fit your exact needs.
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Rent Private Office Space

  • By renting our private office spaces, work in a comfortable and stylish environment.
  • Choose the amenities and office services that fit your exact needs.
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Why Local Businesses and Firms Need Virtual Assistance

Local small businesses and firms can benefit a lot from virtual assistance. As a small business owner who’s just getting started, you need all the help and support you can get. Regardless of the type of business you have, you need an extra set of hands to help you accomplish your daily goals and tasks within a reasonable timeframe.

At Innovative Professional Offices, we work with passionate freelancers, entrepreneurs, and startups to help them manage the daily tasks that they simply don’t have time to do on their own. Our professionally trained virtual assistants can answer phone calls; reply to e-mails; complete paperwork; set up meetings and appointments; and send meeting and appointment reminders to you, your staff, and your clients on your behalf. These may seem like menial tasks that can be done by anyone, but it actually takes a great deal of organizational and time management skills to ensure that all of these tasks are completed on time and in order of priority.

While you’re busy focusing on making your business model successful and building up your brand image, we can take care of all the behind-the-scenes tasks for you.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Virtual Assistant?

One of the biggest benefits of having a virtual assistant is that you’ll always have someone on your side to ensure that all of your important deadlines are met and offering the additional support your business needs.

Even though our virtual assistants work remotely for the most part, you can still rely on them to complete all assigned tasks to perfection in a timely manner and in order of priority without any hassles. Virtual assistants report to you or a designated member of your staff, so that you’ll always be kept up to date about everything that’s happening in your business.

You’ll have a dedicated virtual assistant working for you at all times. All of our virtual assistants are fully trained, experienced professionals who have extensive knowledge of your business operations. Whether you need someone to simply answer calls, redirect calls, take messages, send e-mails, do data entry, or set appointments and appointment reminders, our virtual assistants do it all in a professional, courteous, and time-efficient manner.

Services Offered by IPO’s Virtual Assistants

When you hire one of our virtual assistants for your small business, you can take advantage of the following services:

With our virtual assistant service, there’s always someone ready and available to answer phone calls, even when you’re unavailable. Our virtual assistant service can help substantially reduce the risk of missed or dropped calls. Customers don’t like to wait for long periods of time for someone to answer the phone. By working with us, you can ensure that every call is answered efficiently, and all customer questions and concerns are professionally handled.

Through our personalized virtual assistant services, you can easily manager your schedule. Our professional virtual assistant will schedule all meetings and appointments on your behalf. They’ll also automatically update your digital calendars and send you virtual and voice appointment reminders, so you’re never late to an important meeting!

As a busy entrepreneur and business owner, you might not always have time to read through the hundreds of e-mails you get from clients, employees, or coworkers. Allow one of our virtual assistants to streamline that process for you. They’ll read through your e-mails, delete the spam and junk mail, reply to the important messages, and update you on everything that’s going on.

Billing, data entry, and payroll are all important, yet tedious aspects of running a business. Unfortunately, these tasks can sometimes fall to the wayside if you don’t have enough time to do them yourself. Our virtual assistants can make sure that all of these processes are completed accurately and efficiently, so that you never have to worry about receiving payment.

If you happen to have a service-based small business, it can sometimes be challenging to keep track of where your crew is and what they’re doing at all times. Our highly organized and thoroughly trained virtual assistants can create interactive digital schedules so you can see where your team is at all times, what projects they’re currently working on, and what the estimated completion time is.

Since our virtual assistants are trained to know all of the ins and outs of your business and industry, they have the right set of skills and knowledge necessary to provide excellent customer service. They can manage phone calls, e-mails, live chat services, and even your social media accounts for you all while working remotely.

Another incredible perk that comes with our virtual assistant service in Mississauga is that you’ll always have access to a state-of-the-art, professional, and beautifully furnished meeting space at our physical location. You’ll never have to meet with your clients in a busy and crowded public setting again. Our meeting spaces are equipped with all of the office supplies you need to make your meeting a success. And we also offer catering services so that you, your employees, and clients can enjoy some refreshments during your meeting.

At Innovative Professional Offices, we pride ourselves on being one of the leading virtual and physical office space rental companies in all of Ontario. Our virtual assistant service is second to none. We take the time to truly get to know and understand your business model, so that we can match you with a trained and professional virtual assistant who meets your standards. To learn more about our virtual assistant services, contact us today!

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