Entrepreneurs, business owners, freelancers, and solopreneurs who are seriously considering physically expanding their businesses by either hiring more employees or updating their existing equipment should think about finding temporary office space for rent in their chosen new location. There are countless reasons why small- and medium-sized businesses tend to expand their horizons whether it’s in the name of upward mobility, increased success, lack of working space, or even to appease the needs of the majority of their employees. Regardless of the reasoning, though, there are a lot of important factors and potential advantages of relocating that must be taken into consideration before a final decision can be made.

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A Few Benefits of Renting a Temporary Office Space

Businesses that are looking for an affordable and central new location that makes sense for them could benefit exponentially from renting a temporary office space in Mississauga or Ottawa. As with any big business-related decision, it’s extremely important to consider the impact a potential move could have not only on your business as a whole, but also on your individual employees. Moving a company, whether it’s a small or large enterprise, is a huge commitment and risky transition, but it could be well worth it if properly executed. Consider the following points when weighing the pros and cons of relocating:

More Convenient and Central Location

Make sure to choose a location that makes sense for your company on a variety of levels. First, the new location should appeal to your core market and add value to your ultimate bottom line. Second, it should make it easier for your existing and valued employees to commute to work while also taking into account the potential need for expanding your team. The new location should also be relatively close to or within walking distance of public transit, whether it’s ripe with nearby bus stops or adjacent to a major subway station.

Account for Space Requirements

One of the main reasons you’re probably thinking about relocating your business is because your current space simply doesn’t meet your needs anymore, especially if your team has recently expanded or you’ve purchased more office equipment. As your business continues to grow, so should the amount of space you have to spare. Your employees shouldn’t feel uncomfortable or cramped at work as this can greatly hinder their productivity and lower morale.

High-Quality Facilities

Always keep in mind the changing needs of your business. With great success comes the need for improved facilities, office equipment and above-average amenities to appease the increasing demands of your employees and clients. Ensuring that your staff has everything they need to help them work more efficiently and productively will ultimately result in higher office morale and in turn, higher quality work. If the new locations you’re looking into provides the apropos tools your staff needs in order to improve upon their pre-existing work-related practices, then it only makes sense to give them that opportunity to succeed. On the other hand, computers that are constantly breaking down, slow Wi-Fi connections, and inadequate phones can only work to set your team members up for failure.


There’s no doubt that certain coveted business hubs come with a much higher price tag than lower key locations, but at the end of the day you need to think about the potential a new and more populated location has to propel your business to new levels of success. A place like downtown Mississauga or Ottawa for instance has the potential to help your business reach newer and more profitable markets than a small town in northern Ontario. What you might have to pay in initial upfront costs could be doubled in overall return on investment if you choose the right location.

Professional Demeanour

Sometimes expanding your business doesn’t necessarily entail a total overhaul; it can also just mean that you need additional office space to account for your growing staff. If you like the physical office space your business is currently occupying but you just need more of it, keep an eye out for any suites that are listed for lease in your building and see if you can work out a rental deal with your landlord. Renting a temporary office space in a city like Mississauga or Ottawa can help elevate your business and present a more professional image to your clients, employees, and new hires because it demonstrates to them that you care about providing clean and organized working conditions in a safe area. As an added bonus, most professional office rental companies also provide state-of-the-art amenities, supplies, administrative services, complete office furnishings, flexible payment plans and other negotiable add-ons as part of your contract.

Think About the Needs of Your Employees

Depending on the nature of your business and the different roles each person occupies, your employees will be spending the majority of their week working from the office, which is why their opinions on the location and amenities matter. If you value your employees and would like to keep them, then you need to be open to their feedback when it comes to implementing this transition. Be proactive about listening to them. Answer their questions and address all of their concerns carefully.

Come Up with a Palpable Plan and Set It In Motion

Moving an entire corporation requires a great deal of planning and preparation, especially since you’re basically uprooting the core foundation of your business. However, moving forward is an important part of making progress. Just make sure that you plan each aspect of the move carefully and if need be, do it in small increments rather than all at once. This can make for a smoother, easier, and more financially feasible transition.

Rent Instead of Buying

In this unpredictable economy, this is perhaps the greatest piece of advice anyone can give when it comes to finding a new home for your business. Since rental plans are usually flexible and impermanent, that means that you’re inevitably bound to find one that works for you. Plus, as the circumstances of your business change, so can your rental plan as long as you sign on with a reputable and reliable office rental company that understands the needs of your specific business.

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