Now that office buildings are slowly starting to reopen and employees are returning to the office, many businesses are starting to rethink their physical space layouts and requirements, especially since many guidelines are recommending that office spaces only utilize 25% of their capacity.

The logical solution is to cut down on excess unused office space and have the majority of staff continue as work-from-home (WFH) employees—a concept that many of us initially thought was impossible, but eventually discovered is actually doable.

That’s where the “Hybrid Office Solution” might just be their saving grace in a post-COVID-19 world. In fact, hybrid office solutions are positioned to become an incredibly attractive alternative to the traditional commercial office footprint.

Let’s explore this concept a bit further.

What Is a Hybrid Office Solution?

Hybrid office solutions typically provide key personnel such as management and executives with dedicated, private offices and access to meeting rooms that are equipped with fast Wi-Fi and as-needed videoconferencing equipment.

Hybrid office solutions are a practical and cost-effective option because businesses can scale back their use and need for physical office space while still staying in touch with offsite/remote (WFH) employees. This model is especially beneficial for teams that thrive on collaboration.

Why Are Hybrid Office Solutions Necessary Now?

Hybrid office solutions are necessary in this day and age to ensure the health and safety of office workers. This design gives employees the freedom, flexibility, and ability to continue collaborating on work-related projects remotely or with limited physical contact without having to worry about potentially transmitting or spreading the virus.

Hybrid office solutions give you and your employees the peace of mind you need to safely conduct business and make use of all of the resources available to you. Generally speaking, hybrid office solutions can and should be customized to suit the needs of each individual company and maximize employee comfort, productivity, and work ethic.

There are various challenges that may make it difficult for WFH staff to join meetings remotely, such as technology limitations, weak Wi-Fi connections, and less than ideal WFH environments. This is why it’s important that the videoconferencing-equipped meeting rooms in the hybrid model be large enough to accommodate those individuals that need to be physically present. This means that the rooms must be able to safely accommodate a number of people in a responsible and socially distanced manner, as well as provide the proper cleaning and sanitizing before and between meetings.

What’s Included in a Hybrid Office Solution?

Hybrid office solutions provide managerial staff who are typically required to work from the office with dedicated, furnished executive offices and support services with videoconference-equipped meeting rooms, allowing them to optimize their productivity and concentration. These spaces are reserved for only the personnel who are authorized to use them, and they’re thoroughly sanitized regularly to reduce the risk of contamination.

Only using the on-site meeting rooms and videoconferencing equipment on an as-need basis means your business doesn’t have to invest the resources into full-time space and equipment, adding to the benefits that make hybrid office solutions an attractive choice.

What Are the Benefits of a Hybrid Office Solution?

There are a lot of great benefits of a hybrid office solution. In light of the uncertainty brought on by the pandemic, here are a few notable benefits of using a hybrid office solution for your business.


Given the fact that health and safety standards and guidelines are constantly changing, there’s no telling when the government will mandate another closure of offices again.

One advantage of hybrid office solutions is that you have the ability to cultivate both physical and remote operations equally. In the event that another shutdown takes place, a hybrid model minimizes the amount of downtime and allows you to continue your operations remotely for as long as needed.

Increased Productivity

Giving your employees the ability to work in an environment that suits their specific work ethic is a great productivity booster. Not everybody thrives in the exact same work environment or office setup. Some people prefer working in a private office or the comfort of their own homes if applicable. Hybrid office solutions are designed to accommodate a variety of work preferences and must remain flexible to accommodate future health and safety guideline modifications.

Helps Stop the Spread of COVID-19

During these uncertain times, it’s important that we all do our part to help slow or stop the spread of COVID-19. Hybrid office solutions create work environments that are conducive to implementing and maintaining the health and safety protocols outlined by the government for office spaces.

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