If you’ve been tasked with planning your company’s next corporate meeting or event, then you need to choose a location and venue that meets all or at least most of your business’s criteria. Planning a business meeting can be stressful if you don’t know what you’re doing or aren’t able to find a suitable meeting location that has everything you need—but it doesn’t always have to be this way. As long as you call around, ask for suggestions from coworkers or other professionals in your field, and book the venue far enough in advance, then you should be able to avoid any potential meeting room rental issues.

When looking into different meeting room options, it’s important to be as prepared as possible and the best way to do this is to make two lists. The first is a list of questions to ask the venue’s representative during your in-person tour and the second is a list of requirements (office supplies, equipment, furniture, setup layout, etc.) that you need them to handle.

To further alleviate some of the stress of organizing a productive meeting, here are a few important things to remember before booking a meeting room:


Always Book the Meeting Room before Finalizing the Date

Any time you’re trying to organize an event—whether it’s work-related or personal—there’s a lot of back and forth communication that takes place between yourself, the attendees, and the venue representative(s). Oftentimes, the person organizing the meeting gets caught in the middle trying to select a date and time that works for everyone.

It can be especially stressful when you choose a date and are unable to find an eligible venue that’s also available at the same time. Or sometimes, none of your colleagues are available on the dates when the venue is free, which means you might have to settle for a different location that doesn’t offer everything you need to properly conduct your meeting.

One of the worst mistakes you can make is to finalize the date and time of the meeting with your colleagues before checking that the meeting room is available on that day. Always book the meeting room first and then inform your colleagues when the meeting will be held. If a large number of them can’t make it, you can always reschedule as long as you do so 48 hours in advance.

Booking a Meeting Room in Advance Guarantees More Availability

Even though most office space rental companies offer extensive flexibility with their meeting room rentals, you should still try to book a meeting room as far in advance as possible. That way, you’re more likely to find an available meeting room that suits your needs and meets your expectations.

And, you’ll also have more time to coordinate with the rental company to plan an ideal meeting according to your specifications. Catering, state-of-the-art office equipment, office supplies, and anything else you may require will all be made available to you. Plus, the more notice you give to an office space rental company in Ottawa or Mississauga, the more administrative personnel they can schedule to work that day and tend to your every need.

Booking a Meeting Room in Advance Makes It Easier to Coordinate

Another reason to book a meeting room in advance is to ensure that all of the important personnel from your company are free to attend. It also gives people more time to clear their schedules and plan around the meeting in case other matters come up in the meantime.

As the person responsible for planning the meeting, it’s up to you to coordinate everyone’s schedules and ensure that all of the necessary personnel are in attendance. If anyone can’t physically attend the meeting, then planning it far enough in advance also gives you enough time to set up a video or teleconferencing communication system, so that they can still participate from a remote location.

Rescheduling and Postponing Meetings Causes Work Delays

Planning a meeting shouldn’t be overly complicated. It’s simply a matter of choosing a date, time, and place that’s convenient and doable for everyone involved. While you can usually reschedule meetings if the occasion calls for it, this isn’t always a viable option.

Some office space rental companies have very strict rescheduling or cancellation policies and in some cases, you might even be asked to put down a deposit in order to hold your spot. Failing to cancel or reschedule the meeting within a given timeframe could result in you having to forfeit the deposit either partially or completely—and nobody wants that to happen.

Plus, constantly having to reschedule the meeting will result in major work-related delays and it could even halt productivity altogether if the meeting was regarding important company matters.

The Longer You Wait, the Less Availability There Will Be

Trying to book a meeting room the day before you need it is a bold move on your part and the chances are very slim that you’ll be able to find one that has everything you need to make your meeting a success. Whether you’re conducting a board or client meeting, you want to make sure that the location you select is convenient for all parties to get to, that it’s fully furnished, and that it’s exceptionally well-maintained. The less you have to do to prepare the room for your meeting, the better it’ll be for you because then you can simply focus on preparing your presentation and discussion points.

Book a Sophisticated Meeting Room from IPO

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