The current real estate market is so fickle, unpredictable, and somewhat unstable to the point that there’s no telling what level of risk you have to take on when investing in a commercial property. Many employers simply can’t afford to undertake the numerous mounting costs that are often associated with leasing or purchasing an office space. Renting an office space in a business centre that’s specifically geared toward small businesses is a feasible and affordable alternative option. In fact, many modern businesses are readily opting for rental office spaces in lieu of commercial property ownership due to the plentiful benefits that await them.

Why You Should Rent an Office Space in a Business Centre

Why Rent Office Space in a Business Centre?

Business centres are useful for a variety of routine business-related operations including conducting group or one-on-one meetings, interviewing potential candidates in a private setting, as well as hosting small or large company functions like celebrating promotions, retirement parties, or even holiday parties. On top of that, business centres for small businesses also exude a sense of professionalism, cleanliness, and overall respectability for your organization. Leaving clients and prospective employees with a positive first impression of your company is essential to securing strong business relationships and the first step is to rent an office space that’s aesthetically pleasing on all counts and well maintained. With that in mind, business centres offer comprehensive services and amenities that can benefit all types of professionals including, but not limited to:

Whether you run a non-profit or for-profit enterprise, renting an office space in a prominent business centre is the smart solution to helping you save money while also guaranteeing the safety, security, and satisfaction of your employees and clients alike. These professional settings offer a wide range of unparalleled amenities that are sure to meet all of the needs and expectations of your business. Many of them are conveniently and centrally located in highly populated areas and can easily be accessed via most forms of public transit.

What Do Rented Office Spaces in a Business Centre Have to Offer?

Business centres offer the following amenities and additional features that you’d otherwise have to provide on your own dime if you were leasing a commercial property.

Fully Furnished and Stylish Office Spaces

Of course, not all business centres boast offering fully furnished office spaces, but it’s certainly worth looking into the ones that do. This is greatly beneficial to your bottom line and your professional image because it saves you money on the cost of having to transport old office equipment and furnishings to your new location. Furthermore, if you don’t already have office equipment and furnishings available to you, there’s no need to purchase any because it’s already provided by the business centre.

Fully Stocked Kitchenettes

Consider the fact that you won’t have to pay out of pocket for basic kitchen appliances such as refrigerators, toaster ovens, microwaves, or dishwashers. Most business centres provide all of these appliances to you free of charge as long as they’re used properly and don’t become damaged under your care. This point may initially seem inconsequential from the grand scheme of things, but it makes a tremendous first impression on employees and clients when you’re able to offer them refreshments such as water, coffee, tea, or juice before a big meeting or to fuel their workday.

Networking Opportunities

Whether you have an entire suite or floor to yourself, or even if you share an office space with other like-minded individuals, the opportunities to network with your peers are undeniably boundless. Who knows? You may encounter someone in the elevator who works for a different company in the same building and strike up a conversation. Perhaps you provide a certain type of service that the other person requires for their business or vice versa. Without even really trying, you’ve just established a potentially strong business partnership simply by word-of-mouth advertising. This is the ideal breeding ground for successful and cohesive future collaboration. The best part is that since you’re both renting space in the same building, you don’t have to travel far to hold in-person meetings.

Central Locations

Business centres are typically located at the epicentre of all of the action in most major cities such as Ottawa and Mississauga. These central locations are within extremely close proximity to shopping centres, restaurants, coffee shops, public transit, and prominent ride sharing routes. This makes it easy for employees and clients commuting from the suburbs to conveniently reach your location within a reasonable timeframe on a daily basis.

Access to Full Administrative and Support Staff

Companies that are still in their infancy and can’t afford to hire a full-time administrative staff or tech support team right off the hop need not worry because renting an office space from a business centre means those factors are already included in your agreement. A fully trained administrative staff provided by the business centre takes care of all of your clerical and secretarial needs including filing paperwork, answering and forwarding phone calls, receiving messages on your behalf, and accepting important work-related mail or packages. Having access to a fully qualified tech support team also means that you’ll never have to worry about equipment breaking down or waiting for hours on the phone for a resolution to any technical issues you may come across. All of these concerns are already accounted for when you rent an office space from a respected business centre, giving you peace of mind to focus on running your business.


All things considered, renting an office space within a renowned business centre in Mississauga or Ottawa will end up saving you a great deal of money, which can ultimately be allocated toward other more useful aspects of your business.

Innovative Professional Offices has business centre locations throughout Ontario including Ottawa and Mississauga to suit your needs and help your business succeed. Whether you’re starting from the ground up or have already established a strong reputation in your respective field, we welcome and support businesspeople of all calibers. To find out more about our high-end and stylish office spaces for rent in Ottawa and Mississauga, please contact us today!

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