The Growing Demand for Serviced Office Space

Innovative Professional Offices - Article - 022415_image (1)The demand for serviced offices in the U.S. alone is expected to increase greatly between 2015 and 2020, with more and more workers telecommuting. However, organizations still need a place to meet with clients; serviced offices provide the perfect solution to the dilemma that many organizations without a central location face.

Who Rents Serviced Offices?

It may surprise many business owners that everyone from major corporations right down to start-ups rents space, even in major business epicentres; for example, in the Greater Toronto Area, a serviced office in Mississauga is a popular option. These types of offices are most popular with professionals in scientific and technical industries and the demand has seen a steady increase since the recession ended, as more and more organizations are starting to feel more at ease with spending.

Why Has There Been an Increased Demand?

As the economy has recovered, consumers feel more comfortable about spending, causing organizations, regardless of their industry, to explore new options for renting office space. Serviced offices have rapidly become one of the go-to solutions for many of these businesses leading to increased competition in the industry.

What Does This Mean?

Between 2015 and 2020, more and workers will start to work from home, but organizations will still need brick-and-mortar locations to meet with clients and hold training and education sessions, among other things.

In addition, rent is steadily increasing and may soon be out of the reach of even a successful organization. If you’re in the GTA, consider a serviced office in Mississauga as an affordable alternative. However, providers of serviced offices have greatly increased in recent years, making choosing the right one for your organization difficult.

That’s where Innovative Professional Offices comes in. We provide our clients with fully furnished and equipped single, shared, or virtual office spaces. Our full range of administrative services includes telephone answering, call forwarding, printing, faxing, IT support, and more. We also offer fully-equipped boardrooms and provide you with an address for your business, adding a sense of legitimacy to home-based companies.

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Pat Fernandes

Using all the skills, experience and knowledge gained in my work life, it gives me great joy to help professional business owners to find a comfortable office space to carry out their day to day work. At Innovative Professional Offices we provide executive office space for solo-preneurs and small companies. We provide virtual office services for those who work from home, but need a business address and telephone. We provide board rooms for meetings and small seminars.
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