office space rentalOur services are ideal for small businesses. We offer a professional setting that costs much less than traditional offices. You can rent a space for you alone, or you and your team (shared space) and have all the amenities we offer available to you- consider our office YOUR office- 24/7. You can also hold professional meetings, seminars and conferences in one of our spaces for a very affordable price.

Another service that is very popular for entrepreneurs starting out is our mail service. For a nominal monthly fee- you can use our address for your company. Whether it’s on your banking, website or business cards- you have a corporate address and perception is everything when you are just launching your new company. Our mail services are especially popular with entrepreneurs because they don’t want to use their home address online. It’s also an added comfort knowing that you will never have to miss a delivery! We are always here.

We are also inconspicuous- there are no signs around the office that make it obvious that you are in fact using a virtual office, rent an executive office OR are using a meeting space.

Leasing/Renting Office Space for Small Business in Ottawa

Office space rentals for small businesses offer many distinct advantages and benefits.
Small businesses face many challenges and difficulties in today’s marketplace. Competing with larger companies and corporations is an increasing challenge while the Internet has allowed for a greater number of small businesses to enter the marketplace. Achieving success means offering the best service/product, getting an edge on competitors, and maximizing all business opportunities.

For small businesses, not being able to access a professional working environment is an impediment to success. Running a business out of a home, coffee shop, or remote laptop puts business owners at a disadvantage over their peers. Without the same access to technology, meeting rooms and seminar rooms, ancillary services, and professional office spaces, small business owners do not have the same opportunities for success.

By renting office space for small business, business owners can increase their success and directly grow their profit. Small business office space rentals offer entrepreneurs with professional office spaces at a fraction of the cost of a standard lease. With these rentals, business owners can access the same office environments available to larger companies, allowing them to rent on a monthly, weekly, or even daily basis.

Office space rentals feature professionally furnished private and shared office spaces, cutting-edge industry technology, seminar and training rooms, and business services that allow a higher level of work to be performed, an increased work efficiency and collaboration among staff, and an improved reputation with customers and clients. Meeting rooms can allow for professional meetings with clients, investors, business partners, and staff.

Business Services and Support

Another advantage to office space rentals is that they offer a range of auxiliary and secondary business services that can be used to improve work efficiency and business operations.
Office space rentals can offer receptionist services, tech support, catering services, and other business services, which allow small businesses to perform at a higher level of operation and maximize their business potential.

Furthermore, office rentals can provide small businesses with a professional mailing address, increasing their business reputation and allowing them to improve their professional image.
With business services and support, small businesses can enjoy the same advantages as larger corporations, companies, and established businesses.

What Is The Rent for a Small Business Office Space in Ottawa?

Office space rentals are offered as affordable alternatives for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and freelancers. Leasing a traditional office space in Ottawa is a huge expense and can be a barrier of entry into the marketplace for many smaller businesses. With office space rentals, professional work environments can be rented according to flexible schedules (e.g. monthly, weekly, daily, hourly) and business needs, allowing for the greatest cost efficiency.

With an office space rental, small businesses also do not have to pay for electricity, plumbing, A/C, Internet access, and other common expenses that are typically included in leases for office space. Eliminating these costs allows for the greatest savings.

The cost of an office rental in Ottawa will depend on a variety of factors, including how much space is needed, what type of rooms are needed (e.g. boardrooms, seminar training rooms, etc.), if the space is private or shared, and the duration of time for which you need the space. There is no set price for an office rental, but they are more affordable than leasing or renting a traditional office.

If you’re looking for affordable office rentals, Innovative Professional Offices offers fully-furnished rentals, along with boardroom or meeting room rentals, in Ottawa, Brampton, and Mississauga. Contact us to book a space or for a tour of the facilities.

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