When it comes to office space, virtual offices in Ottawa, Mississauga and throughout the world are becoming more popular than ever. Traditionally, people would either work in a corporate office space or from their home. For entrepreneurs, small business owners, and the self-employed, this could mean missing out on a lot of the opportunities and services that a professional office space permits. Virtual offices have bridged that gap by allowing entrepreneurs and small business owners to benefit from office spaces based strictly on their needs and at affordable rates.
Here are just some of the benefits that virtual office space solutions or your major city could have for your business.

Professional ImageVirtual Office Space

Having an official address and phone number for your business is important. Every business should have a professional mailing address, as well as a receptionist to answer calls. When clients or customers are looking to contact your company, you want to be able to present yourself as professionally as possible. For this reason alone, virtual offices can benefit small businesses and entrepreneurs because they make their business appear more professional.

Meeting Spaces

When you have to meet a client or associate, image is important. Virtual offices have boardrooms that can be used for important meetings or presentations, allowing you to use a professional environment for those specific times when you need it. You may only need to make use of these rooms once every few months, so using a virtual office is an affordable way to access a professional office space.

Lower Overhead Costs

Virtual office spaces are offered at a fraction of the costs of traditional office space. Renting your own office space can be prohibitively expensive, especially when furnishings, technology, and staffing needs (such as receptionists or cleaners) are factored in. With a virtual office, you can enjoy some of the perks of an office space without the high overhead costs; this allows you to reinvest your money in your business.

No Hassle or Commitment

One of the great things about virtual offices is that there’s no hassle or commitment required. You can use, upgrade or downgrade your services on an as-needed basis without the large financial commitment or investment of time that an office space would typically require. You can also avoid the hassle of dealing with leases or mortgages.

Access to Professional Staff, Technology, and Services

Many virtual offices have their own team of on-site professionals, including technicians, receptionists, and office staff for taking meeting minutes or transcribing notes. When you use a virtual office, you gain access to a professional workforce without having to incur the costs of hiring them yourself. As well, you gain access to the same cutting-edge technology available in the largest corporate offices, like video conferencing, scanners, and commercial photocopiers. Some virtual office companies even include services such as web hosting or web development so you get even more for your money.

Innovative Professional Offices offers mailbox services and virtual offices along with fully-furnished executive office suites for rent in Ottawa and Mississauga. To learn more, call us or email us at info@innovativepo.com.

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