Hot Desking vs. Executive Office Rentals: Which One Should You Use for Your Business?

Traditional office space configurations have been undergoing a massive transformation for a while now. Even before the pandemic, many employees were splitting their time between working in-office, remotely, or travelling for work. This paved the way for hot desking to become a trend in office spaces around the globe. While hot desking has some unique and alluring advantages for companies, the case for executive office rentals in Mississauga or Ottawa is stronger than ever in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Before adopting either work solution, office managers should consider the specific needs of their employees and work structure. Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of hot desking and executive office rentals is vital.

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What Is Hot Desking?

Hot desking refers to an office space trend that involves employees using any desk that’s available to them during their scheduled shift instead of having permanent assigned seating. On the surface, hot desking seems like a great way for companies to save money on excess office space. Upon further investigation, however, there are a few downsides to this method. 

Pros of Hot Desking

  • Collaboration. Hot desking usually involves employees from different departments using different workstations every day. The open concept style of the room allows for better communication amongst employees who might otherwise never or rarely get a chance to interact with one another.
  • Easy access to coworkers from different departments. Grouping employees from different departments in the same large, shared working space makes it easier for them to interact with one another as needed. 
  • Cost and space savings for companies. Inefficient use of space is one of the biggest cost consumptions for a lot of businesses. Employees are working remotely now more than ever. That means less office space is needed to accommodate them. With lockdowns being lifted, however, some employees are eager to return to the office at least a few days a week. Hot desking allows them to do that while also allowing companies to downsize on unnecessary office space. 
  • Flexibility. Hot desking ensures that workstations are always in use. On days when certain employees are working remotely or have to travel for business, another employee can take their place. This limits the number of empty workstations and reduces wasted space. Employees also love that they can choose their workstation for the day. 

Cons of Hot Desking

  • It’s not for everyone. In theory, hot desking sounds like the ideal office solution, but many employees have mixed feeling about the concept in practice. Some like the flexibility and spontaneity it offers. Others prefer to maintain a daily routine and keep their assigned seating for the sake of consistency and convenience. 
  • Lack of cleanliness. Cleanliness and sanitation are top of mind in the midst of the pandemic. Considering some people are far more stringent with personal hygiene than others, hot desking facilitates the spread of germs. 
  • Lack of personalization. Working at a temporary day-desk means employees can’t personalize their workstations according to their tastes or preferences. Not being able to decorate their workstations can make them feel out of place or uncomfortable. This can make it harder to concentrate and be productive. 
  • Inability to Accommodate Individual Preferences. From something as simple to computer monitor position and settings, to essential ergonomics that are required by individual employees, hot desking doesn’t allow employees to customize their workstations to their preferences. 
  • Technological factors. Some employees don’t like having to lug their work equipment in and out of the office with them every single day, especially if they take public transit to get to work. Companies need to find cost-effective and space-efficient solutions to store equipment onsite and quickly set it up whenever certain employees are in the office. Setting up and disconnecting the same equipment every day is a huge waste of time. 
  • Poor time management. Employees aren’t guaranteed that a workstation will be available when they get to the office. The amount of time spent trying to locate a vacant workspace could be used a lot more productively. 
  • Lack of a sense of security. Some employees might not feel secure leaving their stuff unattended in a wide-open space during bathroom or lunch breaks. There’s a sense of comfort that comes with familiarity and having a private workspace. 

What Is an Executive Office Rental?

A serviced or executive office space in Mississauga or Ottawa offers a fully furnished private suite that includes a wide range of amenities such as break rooms, meeting spaces, and conference rooms that are available whenever you need them. 

Pros of Executive Office Rentals

  • Access to a private office space. Work in the comfort of a quiet, clean, well-maintained, and fully furnished office space that has all of the equipment you need.
  • Mailbox services. Incoming and outgoing packages are handled with care by professionally trained receptionists. 
  • Phone answering services. Receptionists answer the phones on your behalf using your business name.
  • Access to boardrooms and meeting rooms. Get reduced rates for boardroom and meeting room rentals. 
  • Advanced IT infrastructure, support, and telecommunication equipment. Tech support is always available to set up equipment or troubleshoot technical errors whenever you need them. 
  • Professional reception area. Welcome your guests in a large and beautifully decorated lobby with full reception and administrative services. 
  • Flexible and affordable rental packages. Rent by the hour, day, week, or month or opt for guest office rentals. 
  • Personalize your desk your way. Private executive office rentals allow you the freedom to tastefully decorate your workspace and add a few personal touches to make it feel a little homier. 

Hot Desk vs. Executive Office Rentals: Which One Is the Best Option for Your Business?

Ultimately, the choice between hot desking in a shared office space or executive office rentals in Mississauga or Ottawa depends on the nature of your business. Many employees prefer the convenience, privacy, consistency, and flexibility offered by executive office rentals. In the age of COVID-19 when many people are weary about the spread of germs and trying to be extra cautious, executive office rentals can reduce the risk of transmission while offering everything you need to be productive during the workday. 

Innovative Professional Offices provides small- and medium-sized businesses with exceptionally curated and maintained executive office spaces in Mississauga and Ottawa. Contact us today to learn more or reserve your spot!

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