office space setupWhen it comes to work environments, can using the right types of office spaces lower your employees’ stress levels and improve their work productivity?

Stress is increasingly common in today’s society. Modern life is busier than ever, with family, career, and social responsibilities competing for our limited time. When people are dealing with excessive stress, they perform more poorly. Stress compromises our thinking, our mood, and even our health.

One of the biggest sources of stress is our job. Dealing with work responsibilities can wear people out. When your employees are stressed out, they are less efficient, effective, and engaged with their work. This is why employers should take steps to lower their employees’ stress levels.

How Your Office Setup Can Lower Stress Levels

One of the most overlooked contributors to stress in the workplace is office space setup. Work environments can have a big impact on either increasing or reducing stress. Here are some ways that employers can help minimize their employees’ stress levels.

The Importance of Office Space Setup and Styles:

The right office space setup style can help lower stress levels. Traditional offices typically feature cubicles. However, this type of office layout, where everyone is sectioned off in a small cubicle, can feel confining and claustrophobic. Open layout offices can be more relaxing, but a lack of privacy can bother some employees. A mix of both open and closed spaces can help an office feel more comfortable for employees.

Comfortable Office Furniture:

It’s important that employees feel comfortable while they work. Having comfortable furnishings in your office space can go a long way to reducing stress. Make sure that desks or cubicles are not cramped. Having a lounge or recreation area with couches can be a great way to offer your employees a spot to cool down or take a break.

Pain-Free Office Chair Setup:

Sitting the entire day in front of a computer is not just mentally stressful, but it can also be physically stressful. Sitting for too long in an office chair can cause back problems, muscle pain, and poor posture. It’s important for your office to have adjustable ergonomic office chairs, which provide greater comfort and avoid putting physical stress on your employees’ back.

Break Areas:

Even the best workers need to be able to take breaks to stay sharp and engaged. Providing break rooms is a really easy and affordable way to reduce stress. Some companies have more extravagant perks, like video game systems and ping-pong tables. However, offering a simple break room where people can chat, hang out, and relax on a couch can be one way to bring down stress in the workplace.

Clear the Clutter:

One of the biggest sources of stress in the workplace is searching for papers, documents, and filings. The average worker spends hours each week sorting through papers and performing other ancillary tasks. Make sure that your office setup includes ample space for storage cabinets, filing systems, and document holders to help your employees stay organized and reduce the amount of time they have to spend on clutter.

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