Traditional office space configurations have been undergoing a massive transformation for a while now. Even before the pandemic, many employees were splitting their time between working in-office, remotely, or travelling for work. This paved the way for hot desking to become a trend in office spaces around the globe. While hot desking has some unique and alluring advantages for companies, the case for executive office rentals in Mississauga or Ottawa is stronger than ever in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Before adopting either work solution, office managers should consider the specific needs of their employees and work structure. Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of hot desking and executive office rentals is vital.

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What Is Hot Desking?

Hot desking refers to an office space trend that involves employees using any desk that’s available to them during their scheduled shift instead of having permanent assigned seating. On the surface, hot desking seems like a great way for companies to save money on excess office space. Upon further investigation, however, there are a few downsides to this method. 

Pros of Hot Desking

Cons of Hot Desking

What Is an Executive Office Rental?

A serviced or executive office space in Mississauga or Ottawa offers a fully furnished private suite that includes a wide range of amenities such as break rooms, meeting spaces, and conference rooms that are available whenever you need them. 

Pros of Executive Office Rentals

Hot Desk vs. Executive Office Rentals: Which One Is the Best Option for Your Business?

Ultimately, the choice between hot desking in a shared office space or executive office rentals in Mississauga or Ottawa depends on the nature of your business. Many employees prefer the convenience, privacy, consistency, and flexibility offered by executive office rentals. In the age of COVID-19 when many people are weary about the spread of germs and trying to be extra cautious, executive office rentals can reduce the risk of transmission while offering everything you need to be productive during the workday. 

Innovative Professional Offices provides small- and medium-sized businesses with exceptionally curated and maintained executive office spaces in Mississauga and Ottawa. Contact us today to learn more or reserve your spot!

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