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Office Space Ottawa: Small- or medium-sized businesses today are required to operate with a high level of flexibility to meet the needs of their clients. They are also expected to do so at a low cost while still being able to maintain professionalism. Innovative Professional Offices (IPO) provides office space for rent in Ottawa at affordable rates, incorporating all the amenities necessary for small- and medium-sized businesses to conduct a high level of service.

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Michael Rappaport
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As a lawyer renting office space, I was pleased to find that there are eleven other lawyers who also rent office space here as well as a wide range of related professionals. The office has high speed Wi-Fi, a reception with a comfortable lobby for clients, a kitchen with free coffee and board rooms which can be rented on an as needed basis.
Adele Zhang
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I recently had the pleasure of leasing an office space with Innovative Professional Offices. I was thoroughly impressed. The space is clean and well kept. From start to finish, Mike Wallace, the General Manger from the company was professional, responsive, and exceeded all of my expectations. Mike responded immediately to all my inquiries in the process of leasing and I felt like he truly cared about my business. Working with Mike was an absolute pleasure. I highly recommend Innovative Professional offices for any business who are looking for office spaces. They are the best in the business!
Chris Lee
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Great corporate office space! Fantastic service from friendly people that make an effort to ensure that you've got everything you need and can run your business easily. Great location too.
Fa Fa
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Opening the virtual office was done in a blink of an eye with Innovative Professional Offices. Mike were outstanding in providing all the information I needed and expediting the process once I asked for the agreement. In less that one hour I had my virtual office open with a real smile and voice behind all this rather with an automated process. I really appreciated the easiness and helping me though this. Thank you Mike and I am hoping for a long term collaboration!
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We have been clients at Innovative Professional Offices for about two years now. Staff are friendly, space is clean and well kept, and Mike is a clear and honest communicator. If you need a convenient office space, would recommend IPO. Thank you Mike and I am hoping for a long term collaboration!
John Lewis
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We have enjoyed our office space at Innovative Professional Offices for a number of years now. The support services offered are terrific and the physical space is one in which we are proud to receive our clients. Highly Recommended!
Max L
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Amazing office space! Professional and courteous staff. Accommodating and friendly. Has exceeded our expectations. Looking forward to being here for the long term!

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Rent Private Office Space

  • By renting our private office spaces, work in a comfortable and stylish environment.
  • Choose the amenities and office services that fit your exact needs.
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Rent Private Office Space

  • By renting our private office spaces, work in a comfortable and stylish environment.
  • Choose the amenities and office services that fit your exact needs.
  • Accessible to tenants 24/7
  • We can accommodate 3-25 person meeting

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Your own private, tastefully appointed space.

  • Gone are the days when people worked standard hours. Flexibility is the accepted mode of operation now and businesses are recognizing that they need to accommodate these new working conditions. Offering short-term office rental services allows businesses in Ottawa the ability to utilize the space only when it’s needed, thus saving costs the remainder of the time.

    Employees don’t sit at a desk in front of a computer for eight straight hours anymore. And if they do, they can do so remotely from anywhere they choose. Having an office space available for specific circumstances, such as meetings, conferences, or training seminars, fits into the current trend of working offsite and online. Furthermore, having a small office space available for when you’re away from your home office can be beneficial for those who frequently travel to Ottawa or Toronto.

  • When you Office Space for Rent Ottawa, it is important to do your research and understand all of your options because the market is flooded with many different types of services. Whether you require a short- or long-term Office Rental Ottawa is the perfect location to find fully furnished ample office space for any type of small business or startup. At IPO, we offer the following comprehensive office space rental packages in Ottawa:

  • If your business is of a nomadic nature, in the sense that you do not have a set location from which you operate, or you are an entrepreneur who is just getting their feet wet, then it might be sensible for you to consider renting a short-term Office Space Ottawa. This could prove to be highly cost-effective in the long run, and it will ensure that your business functions like a well-oiled machine. It also allows your employees to have more flexibility in terms of their working hours and whether they want to work from home or in office on any given day. Here are a few examples of circumstances in which it makes sense for Ottawa-based businesses to consider short-term office rentals:

    • Constantly changing locations due to the nature of the industry
    • Startup/new company
    • Overflow of employees
    • Interim/temporary office space needed in Ottawa
    • Office space rental is on a project-by-project basis only, not a permanent requirement
    • Small businesses such as healthcare clinic, consultancy, or law office

    Short-term office rentals in Ottawa from IPO offer all these benefits and more.

  • Office Space for Rent Ottawa: When you find Office Space Ottawa from Innovative Professional Offices, we don’t just provide you with real estate. We offer services along with the tools you need to operate effectively as a small business. That means you will have access to secretary services, printing and phone services, and other administrative services to help enhance your experience.

    These components are vital to your business making the best possible impression on its clients. Having staff within the IPO offices forward your phone calls or assist with setting up meeting rooms eases some of the burden and let’s your clients know they’re in trusted company.

  • Office Space Ottawa: We at Innovative Professional Offices offer numerous useful shared office space amenities at our Ottawa location. We also offer all-inclusive virtual office space service packages in Ottawa, allowing you to conduct business from anywhere in the world while still having your main headquarters operating locally. Here are some of the features and services you can expect to receive from IPO:

    • 24/7 access to the office
    • Use of whiteboards for meetings and presentations
    • Access to executive office suites
    • Access to conference rooms whenever you need them
    • Dedicated bilingual receptionist and a full complement of support services
    • High-tech communication equipment
    • Wi-Fi and high-speed Internet

With all of these amenities and full-service features, IPO takes all of the stress and aggravation out of finding a suitable and conveniently located office space to lease in Ottawa. You will never be held under any obligation to lease the office for more time than is absolutely necessary. Even if you only need the office space for one day or an hour, we are available to help you. Reliable, clean, and convenient office space does not have to be hard to come by in Ottawa. We worked according to your specific needs and the needs of your business and we are fully committed to ensuring that you and your staff have the best possible experience operating your business on our premises.

IPO is strategically located in downtown Ottawa. This is important because it allows employees and clients to travel to the office, either by car or public transit, without any challenges. Plus, we are in an area that is safe, making everyone feel comfortable in coming to the office any time of day or night.

Whether you’re a startup or a seasoned small business, you want an effective way to gather the lowest cost possible without sacrificing quality of service. IPO satisfies all these expectations, going above and beyond by providing additional services to help keep your business running at a high level while you’re inside our offices.

Book a tour of our offices to see more benefits of renting a short-term office in Ottawa from IPO.

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