Furnished Office Space OttawaFurnished Office Space Ottawa: A psychotherapist’s office is a crucial part of their practice. It provides a safe space for clients to come in and delve into their deepest and darkest emotional issues without feeling judged or belittled. A furnished office space in Ottawa allows psychotherapists to have creative and professional control over the look and feel of their office spaces based upon the type of therapy they practice and at a low cost. In most cases, psychotherapists have to pay for the amount of square footage they use, and depending on the requirements of their practice, they can even pay on an hourly, daily, or monthly basis.

Does a Psychotherapist Need Office Space?

The short answer is yes. The main point of therapy is to provide your clients with the tools to cope with their emotional and mental issues. For many of them, even simply coming to therapy for the first time can be very scary, and the last thing they want to do is feel like they are invading someone else’s personal space. Having a counselling office space for rent in a city like Ottawa might be more conducive for the mental well-being of your clients as well as for your overall practice.

Relaxing Environment

A furnished office space in Ottawa allows you to create a safe, convenient, comfortable environment for your clients, and you can customize the décor to the preferences of your practice within reason. For instance, if your work involves play therapy, you can create a specific space for that in the office setting. The environment should be soothing and relaxing with understated decorations that also double as therapeutic tools. You should create a relaxing ambience by using neutral tones to paint the walls and avoid paintings with bold, brash colours. The music playing in the background should have soft tones.


Even though you want your clients to feel comfortable enough to discuss their problems during your sessions, you should still try to enforce a professional boundary as well. Conducting therapy sessions from the privacy of your home can emotionally confuse clients and blur the line between patient-doctor relationships. Being in a professional office space will subtly and subconsciously remind them that you are not their friend or family member. They are paying for your time and they should use it wisely to work through their problems.

You also need to consider your own emotional, mental, and physical well-being. As a therapist, you take on a lot of people’s issues, and this can be very exhausting. Having clients dissect their emotional baggage in the personal space of your home can be daunting and leave a negative vibe in your personal living space, which is not beneficial to your practice or your emotional well-being. Separating the business from your personal life is the best way to continue doing the good work you do. Many therapists like to pick an office rental space location that is also shared by other healthcare professionals so that patients have access to multiple medical and therapeutic facilities in one building.

Attract Clients

A centrally located psychotherapy office space for rent will attract more clients, making it easier for more people to commute back and forth between therapy sessions. A lot of the times if the general practitioner who referred them to you is in the same building, it will make them feel more compelled to want to see you.


Psychotherapy office rentals in Ottawa are more cost-effective than purchasing an entire office space, especially if you are just starting your practice. You might have to share an office space with other therapists or you can even sublet one from a more established and accomplished therapist for a low cost. This could work out in your favour as a beginner because it gives you the opportunity to learn from someone who has more experience in your field.

Plan Ahead

You may not know what your future plans are right now, but it is always a good idea to plan ahead. Currently, you might only need to rent a small office for a few hours a week, but as your practice grows so will your client base and your hours of operation. Before you know it, you are going to need more office space. That is why it is wise to find a psychotherapy office rental space in Ottawa that has room for future expansion in case you need it and a flexible contract.

Furnished Office Space Options Provided by IPO

Innovative Professional Offices provides furnished, all-inclusive office spaces in Ottawa with full flexibility. This means you get a full office support staff along with amenities at your disposal as a part of your comprehensive rental package. When your clients walk into your office, they will not have any idea that you are renting the space. All they will see is a clean, professional office with well-mannered staff ready to assist them. You can decorate the office space as you see fit for your practice within reason.

We also offer short-term and full-time rentals, which gives you the option of choosing how long you want to rent from us. You can choose between executive suites that can accommodate large groups of people if you plan to conduct group therapy sessions or smaller offices for one-on-one sessions. Our full-service packages also include the option of hourly, daily, or monthly payments depending on the needs of your practice, and the office spaces are available both day and night so that you can provide maximum availability to your clients. We are committed to helping your business succeed in every way possible. All of our services and rental plans—whether you are looking for a traditional office or a virtual rental office—are fully customizable to meet your requirements.. Contact us learn more about our meeting room rental options in Ottawa.

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