Renting a meeting room for a corporate event is a big responsibility. There are a lot of significant factors that play into planning meetings, conferences, training sessions, and other business-related proceedings to ensure that every last detail is accounted for. If your goal is to make a good impression for your clients and employees, then you should take the task of choosing the right meeting space rental in Ottawa or Mississauga seriously. 

However, before you go ahead and book just any meeting space, take the time to come up with a few event-specific questions that pertain directly to your business. It’s also important to check with the meeting room provider before setting your meeting/event in stone to make sure your preferred dates are available.  

The following is a list of general questions you should ask prior to renting a meeting room in Ottawa, Mississauga, or anywhere else in the GTA.

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Does the Location Meet All Your Criteria?

Before you can even get an answer to this question, you have to have a clear set of criteria in mind. Set aside some time to make a list of factors that are likely to influence your office space rental location decision. Consider the location itself. Is it in a safe area? Is there sufficient public transit or other forms of transportation nearby? Is parking available? How close is the venue to airports, highways, and major intersections? 

The location of the meeting space could determine the likelihood that you’ll have a strong turnout for your corporate event or meeting. On that note, another important factor to consider is whether or not the office space rental venue offers virtual services to allow some meeting attendees to join in via conference calling if they’re unable to physically be there.

What Kind of Atmosphere Does the Space Have?

Every business has its own niche market and target demographic. These are factors that also define the very nature of your business. Whether you’re a more casual and laid-back or strait-laced and formal business, you need to find an office space rental in Ottawa or Mississauga that reflects the type of professional image you want to convey to your clients and employees. When you rent a meeting space from a reputable and renowned office space provider, though, they can typically adjust the atmosphere of the location to suit your business purposes.

Are There Enough Meeting Rooms Available?

Make sure that there are enough meeting rooms available to accommodate your needs. Whether you’re holding staff or client meetings, conferences, corporate gatherings, celebrating employee or business milestones, or hosting product and service launches, you want to guarantee that the space can accommodate all of your needs. Ask about the accommodation and configuration options prior to booking a meeting room. 

Innovative Professional Offices offers a variety of professional and fully furnished meeting space rentals in both Ottawa and Mississauga. 

Does the Meeting Room Have All the Necessary Equipment?

What essential equipment does your business need to function? Be sure to make a list of all of the equipment and supplies you’ll need to make your corporate event a success. Once you’ve figured out the details, ask the office space rental company you’re planning to use if they provide everything you need or if you have to bring certain items yourself. That way, you can guarantee that everything will go according to plan.

Innovative Professional Offices offers the following equipment for business gatherings and meetings:

Additionally, all of our conference and meeting rooms are professionally fully furnished, so you don’t have to worry about bringing your own office furniture.

Is the Staff Professional and Helpful?

Office space rentals in Ottawa and Mississauga entail so much more than simply providing you with a temporary or long-term space to conduct your business. These venues also provide an essential service that includes extensive business support.

Depending on the size and nature of your meeting or corporate event, you might require some additional assistance from the office suite rental company’s staff. It’s important to ask how well trained the staff is and what type of services they can provide during your event to ensure that everything goes off without a hitch. Administrative and professional reception support is necessary to make your clients and employees feel welcome and to exude a more professional image. 

Are Catering Services Available? 

During business or client meetings, it’s customary to offer light snacks and refreshments like coffee, tea, water, and juice. If the meeting is intended to run longer than an hour or two or during a time when people would normally eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner, then it’s only prudent to make sure that all attendees are appropriately satiated throughout the event. 

Sometimes certain business events like quarterly budget updates, product pitches, or brainstorming meetings can take a long time. At some point, you have to make it worth your employees’ while to be there. Client meetings can also be made much more memorable and special with professional catering services. If you can, try to go the extra distance by finding out what type of cuisine your employees and clients prefer and order that in for them ahead of time. That way, they’ll have a pleasant surprise waiting for them when they arrive for the meeting.

Is the Meeting Room within Your Budget?

Most importantly, always ask the office space rental company how much it costs to rent one of their meeting rooms and then try to work that into your budget. Keep in mind that certain amenities and supplies may cost extra and larger rooms will generally come with a higher price tag than smaller rooms.

Do you need to rent a meeting room in Ottawa or Mississauga?

Innovative Professional Offices is one of the leading office space rental providers in North America. We offer premium fully furnished office rental facilities in Ottawa and Mississauga for an affordable hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly rate depending on your preferences. Contact us today to learn more.

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