office space rentalMany business owners don’t want to sign a big lease for their office space, but often they don’t realize that they can rent office space hourly.

In fact, office space rentals allow for a variety of flexible plans and schedules. With temporary office space rentals, you can rent month by month or week by week. However, many office rentals also allow people to rent on an hourly basis. This allows renters to reserve office space according to their needs and pay only an hourly rate.

Why Rent Offices Hourly?

There are many advantages to renting office space by the hour, particularly for businesses that are growing or smaller in size.

Small Businesses

When a business is growing, it may not want to sign on to a long-term lease. That can be a huge financial commitment, and it may not serve its needs. With an hourly office rental, business owners can reserve office space for when they need it, saving on the costs associated with traditional offices. As well, this option allows them to scale up to bigger spaces as their business grows.


For freelance workers, having access to an office space can be a necessity be it for meetings, special tasks, or other responsibilities. However, freelancers often do not need an office space all of the time. With an office space rental, freelance workers have an affordable way to access professional office environments.


When training employees, it’s important to have a functional space that can accommodate all attendees. Office rental spaces also feature seminar rooms, which can be rented for training seminars. Smaller meeting rooms can be used for hands-on training.

Meetings & Seminars

Seminar room rentals are available in many office providers, and they can allow for seminars, presentations, and other large-audience events. As well, office providers have professional meeting rooms that can be used by freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small businesses on an as-needed basis.

Corporate Events

When businesses are hosting a company event for their employees or for guests, then it’s important to have a professional, functional space that can accommodate all guests. Office rentals can provide these spaces as well as a range of associated amenities and services, such as receptionists and catering.


For startups and businesses that rely on teamwork, renting an office space can be a crucial way to get employees together into spaces that facilitate teambuilding. By renting on an hourly basis, small businesses can access space when teamwork is required.

How to Rent Office Space by the Hour

When you’ve made up your mind to use an hourly office rental, how should you decide on a space? There are different office rental providers, and it can be hard to choose between them. Here are some things you should focus on when looking for short-term office space.

Office Location

The location of an office rental is vitally important. Ideally, it should be close to your location or that of your employees. Look for locations that are easily accessible, either by transit or by major thoroughfares.


Is the office rental a professional environment? Office rentals should have professional furnishings, cutting-edge technology (e.g. audio-video conferencing systems, projectors, etc.), a mix of spaces (e.g. meeting rooms, seminar rooms, office cubicles, etc.), and auxiliary services (e.g. receptionist services, tech support).

Business Needs

Consider secondary services. An office rental should fit your business needs. If you own a small business, ensure an office rental can accommodate all of your employees. If your business has special requirements, make sure that your office rental can fulfill those.

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