Every startup has to consider if they need office space for rent. While larger, established companies often have their own furnished offices, many entrepreneurs with startups don’t have that luxury. Office space becomes a key consideration for startups, and there are many types that can be chosen from.

Meeting Room RentalWhy Does a Startup’s Work Space Matter?

Often, some first-time or unexperienced entrepreneurs do not pay attention to their office space. What difference does an office space make? Actually, the office you use for a startup can have a big impact on your eventual success. Your startup’s office is effectively the face of your company, at least for your employees, clients, and partners. You may have to meet with investors or clients in your space, and you want your office to reflect your startup’s image and identity.

However, an office space can have an even wider impact than just on your image. As many startups are now realizing, a good office space will complement the function of your startup. Your office can boost employee morale, attract the right employees, facilitate collaboration or efficient work, and allow your startup to complete more work.

So let’s take a look at the different types of office space on rent for startups.

Home Office

It is now possible for people to work entirely from their home. For new startups, working from home is the cheapest and simplest option available, assuming that the startup has no more than a couple staff. The Internet has made it easier than ever to access everything you need right from your home computer and even connect or collaborate with other people. While home offices are the least costly option, they have downsides as well. For one, home offices project a very unprofessional image, and without a professional office and address, your startup may not be taken seriously. As well, home offices can be full of distractions, while also being isolating and preventing effective collaboration.

Coworking Spaces

More startups than ever are now using coworking spaces, which are quickly becoming the hottest office trend in Silicon Valley and other major technology hubs. Coworking spaces are quite different than your typical office. In a coworking space, a number of companies and entrepreneurs all share the same space, allowing for greater collaboration and connection. Employees also have more freedom, being able to move around, work on extended schedules, or switch between solitary and group work. One of the biggest benefits of coworking spaces is that smaller startups can gain access to a range of amenities and services for very low rates.

Virtual Offices

For startups that want to save money working from home, but also want to operate on a more professional level, virtual offices are one of the best options. Virtual offices allow you to work from home while giving your startup a physical address, professional phone line, and amenities and services such as receptionists, furnished meeting rooms, and access to audio-video conferencing systems. Virtual offices are a good option for startups that don’t need to work in an office space but still need access to professional services and amenities. As well, having a professional business address in a major city can give a big boost to a small startup’s image.

Rental Offices

An office rental is the one way a startup can gain access to a fully-furnished, professional office space without having to make major investments or spend large amounts of your budget. When a startup uses an all-inclusive office space for rent, they gain access to all the benefits and advantages of a traditional office space, which include furnishings, receptionist services, IT staff, professional technology (printers, audiovisual conferencing systems, projectors), and other amenities. With an office rental, there is no major commitment or investment required. Startups don’t have to worry about maintenance, lengthy leases, repair bills, or taxes. For the most professional solution, rental offices are the premier office space for many startups.

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