Employee engagement refers to the relationship between an organization and its employees—an “engaged employee” is one who is enthused about their work environment and co-workers and is fully absorbed in their work. Employee engagement is a fairly simple concept to understand, but not so simple to inspire. If you’ve read the title of this blog post, then you may be wondering what workplace design and employee engagement have to do with each other, and what their relationship is. To learn more, just keep on reading.
workplace design and employee engagement


Employee Engagement in the Workplace: Is it important?

Some people may take employee engagement for granted, thinking that once staff members come to work and do their work, there’s no need for employee engagement efforts. However, engaged employees can be a huge asset for companies. Research has shown that companies with high levels of employee engagement have more efficient and effective staff. These staff members are more customer-focused, they have increasingly creative thought processes, and they take less time off sick. When staff members are engaged in their work environment and enthused about the tasks at hand, they’re more likely to go above and beyond, and be exceedingly motivated to help their company reach new heights.

So, employee engagement is extremely beneficial on the business front—but how can employers effectively engage their employees and inspire productive outcomes? Well, designing office space layouts can actually help a lot. Piqued your interest? Find out more about the impact of office design on employee productivity.

How Can Well-Organized Office Space Help Facilitate Employee Engagement?

Believe it or not, office design and productivity go hand in hand. Gone are the days when tech firms and hip restaurants were the only businesses with open-concept spaces and funky furniture. Now, more conservative industries are embracing the idea of organized work spaces that veer off the path of traditional, bland cubicle farms. Experts say that attractive, functional workspaces are becoming increasingly important for companies looking to attract and retain new talent—especially when they’re looking to grow a millennial population. An office’s energy says a lot about a company’s culture, which is extremely influential when it comes to employee engagement. Creating a space that promotes collaboration, allows focus and concentration, and permits workers to move freely and change postures when needed will work to improve employee morale. You might be surprised by how much accommodating spaces and greater freedom can increase employee engagement, but the results will speak for themselves.

Why Is Employee Engagement So Important in the Workplace?

Many employers expect top notch productivity and creativity from their workers without taking into account their working environment or personal preferences and how these crucial factors can affect the overall company culture and morale. Believe it or not, a well-structured office space and strong employee engagement actually have a huge impact on employee productivity, morale, creativity, and collaboration. All of these factors play crucial roles in not only increasing your company’s bottom line but also creating a cohesive, positive, and fully functional workspace that can foster strong working relationships and unparalleled innovations.

Given the fact that most people spend the majority of their waking hours at work, no one wants to dread having to go into work every day or feeling undervalued and miserable all the time. According to recent research, far too many people have reported that they despise having to come into work every day for a variety of reasons and very few employees actually feel satisfied in their roles. This lack of passion can be very demoralizing and a detrimental domino effect throughout your company. As productivity plummets, so will your company’s revenue and more importantly, the happiness and well-being of your employees. A well-designed office space that promotes healthy and sustainable working habits, while also encouraging employee engagement interaction on a regular basis, can improve your employees’ day-to-day dispositions. Here’s how this works:

Better Engagement and Communication Equals Greater Productivity

Positive reinforcement and communication is the key to vastly improving morale amongst your employees. Create opportunities and a positive shared workspace in which they can engage and collaborate on different projects together and give one another constructive feedback on the work they’re producing. This will inevitably make for a more enjoyable (and profitable) working experience for everyone involved while also greatly reducing stress levels and promoting effective problem-solving skills.

Employees Establish Emotional Commitment to Your Organization

When employees make an emotional investment in the organization or company they work for, they feel a personal attachment, accountability, and motivation to produce the absolute highest quality of work possible. This, in turn, cultivates a personal sense of accomplishment and pride in everything they do. Encouraging this type of engagement can push your employees to continue to work harder and excel in their given fields.

Improved Employee Experiences Means Lower Turnover Rates

High turnover rates can swiftly deplete your company’s finances. Think of the cost that’s involved in having to replace valuable employees who’ve proven their worth, not to mention the immense risk you’re taking in hiring someone new who hasn’t personally proven their skill level to you. If you have an excellent employee already on staff who’s been with your company for many years and produced extremely good work for you, then you must do everything in your power to retain them because chances are, if they feel undervalued, overworked, and are underpaid, they’re more likely to find another job very soon.

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