furnished office space OttawaIn Ottawa, meeting rooms for rent can be a viable option for medium- to large-sized businesses that hold a great deal of important conferences. However, it can be difficult for some supervisors or company heads to determine exactly what constitutes an important enough topic to warrant holding a physical meeting instead of a virtual one. That depends on a few things: the requirements of your company, the convenience factor for your employees, the urgency of the content. Before scheduling a meeting and renting a meeting space in Ottawa, take the time to weigh the pros and cons of holding a virtual meeting versus a physical meeting in a meeting room.

Disadvantages and Advantages of Virtual Meetings vs. Meeting Rooms for Rent

Here are some of the disadvantages and advantages of virtual meetings versus face-to-face meetings in a meeting room.

Advantages of Virtual Meetings

Disadvantages of Virtual Meetings

Advantages of Rental Meeting Rooms

Disadvantages of Rental Meeting Rooms

Ultimately, the decision to hold a virtual meeting versus renting a meeting room is highly situational and at the discretion of the person calling the meeting. However, if you want to appease all of your employees—the local and international ones—it might make sense to combine the two concepts of virtual and physical meetings. Have the local employees attend the meeting in person and then video-conference in the international employees as much as possible.

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