Office Space - Downsize Your Office Space Office Space: Sometimes, the notion of downsizing your office space is mistakenly associated with the idea that your business is failing or losing money, but in most cases this is just a misconception. Smaller office spaces don’t necessarily signify the decline of your business, and you shouldn’t equate downsizing your office space with downsizing your staff. Moving to a smaller, more space-efficient office setting can actually help to improve employee productivity and morale by making it a lot easier for employees to communicate ideas and have important face-to-face interactions with one another.

6 Easy Ways to Downsize Your Office Space

Whether or not you’re planning on physically moving your business to a smaller, more open-concept office building, here are six easy tips for downsizing your office, building better employee relations, and even reducing the size of your carbon footprint in the process.

Use Smaller, More Energy-Efficient Devices

Most modern desktop computers and laptops are equipped with compact hardware and flat-screen monitors. These devices are not only more lightweight than their older and outdated counterparts, but their interfaces are also much more user-friendly and they take up much less space, which is the main selling point for open-concept working environments where employees must share workspaces. They also use up less energy, which will reduce electricity costs.

Allow More Employees to Work from Home

It may not be convenient for all of your employees to commute to work every day. Some of them might not have a reliable means of transportation while others may simply live too far away to make working in-house permanently a feasible option. Just because it’s nearly impossible for some employees to make it into the office every day doesn’t mean your company can’t reap the rewards of their hard work and talents. With the advent of virtual offices, you can downsize your workspace for the people who can and prefer to work in house while allowing the others to work from home.

Go Paperless

In the age of modern and advanced technology, most paperwork is virtually unnecessary and outdated. Transfer as many of your paper files to digital as possible to help diminish your company’s carbon footprint and reserve and clear up more workspace by eliminating the need for filing cabinets and other storage units.

Use a Virtual Data Centre

Virtual data centres are the perfect way to save your company space and money. Not only do they eliminate the need for modems and physical servers, but they’re also more energy-efficient, which will lower your monthly electricity bills.

Rent Office Spaces and Meeting Rooms

A lot of modern small- to medium-sized businesses are opting for renting office spaces and meeting rooms on an as-needed basis because they find that this is a much more efficient use of their budget and it keeps their employees happy as well. They still get all of the same benefits and services that come with purchasing a regular office space, except their savings allow them to allocate more funds to other high-priority aspects of their business because they only have to pay for whatever services and spaces they use.

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