When it comes to putting on a professional business meeting, one thing that is often overlooked is the meeting room itself.

Meeting rooms have a big effect on the function of your meeting. In fact, using the right meeting room can be the difference between an effective meeting and an ineffective one. There is a reason why major corporations, professional firms, and successful businesses pay so much attention to office layouts and meeting room setups.

Meeting Room RentalMeeting Room Setups

There are many different types of meetings. For instance, a planning meeting with a few key staff can be very different than a conference-style meeting with all of your business’s investors. Similarly, a meeting with a client will be unlike a meeting with your entire workforce.

For this reason, different meeting room setups and styles are used by businesses. Certain types of meeting room setups are effective for smaller meetings, while others are more effective for large presentations, seminars, and conferences. Similarly, different layouts have their advantages and disadvantages. By choosing the right type of meeting room setup, businesses are able to put on more effective meetings and achieve a desired result, whether it’s closing a deal, engaging their staff in workplace training, or securing an investment.

Types of Meeting Room Setups and Styles

There are many different types of meeting rooms, each with their own advantages.


This type of meeting room features rows of tables, all of which are facing the head of the room. This meeting room is similar to what people would use in a typical classroom setting. These meeting rooms are suited to tasks that include note-taking, writing tests, or doing similar types of work. These meeting rooms are often used by police departments that see note-taking as necessary.

Hallow Square Style:

In this type of meeting room, tables are in a square formation, with each meeting attendee sitting along the outer rim of the tables. This allows every meeting attendee to have a clear view of everyone else, as well as table space for writing. These meeting rooms are effective for meetings that will require open communication among all attendees.

Theatre Style:

This conference-style meeting room setup features rows of chairs all facing toward the head of the room, where there’s typically a whiteboard, stage, or lectern. These are intended for presentations and conferences where the head of the meeting will be speaking to the other attendees.

U-Shape Style:

Similar to the theatre meeting room, this room features desks or tables in a U-shape, with an open space for a presenter or speaker. This type of meeting room is good for presentations where writing, note-taking, and other similar assignments will be required.

Board Conference Style:

In this meeting room, there is one large table with seats around it. Usually, the head of the meeting sits at the top of the table, and there may be a whiteboard as well. These are the types of setups you typically see in boardrooms or conferences. They are good for smaller meetings with key attendees.

Banquet Style:

This type of meeting room allows attendees to eat while they listen to a presentation. Usually, these setups will feature groups of tables with chairs, with the head of the room reserved for a speaker.

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